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Fake Armani label?

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Hi there... I was wondering if the participants of the forum could glance at this label and tell me if I'm right in thinking that something looks fishy about it... or that I'm not at all right and that the label looks genuine?

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Doesn't look like any label from my Armani clothes, though I have to admit it's been two years since I bought anything. Is it from something being billed as a new piece?
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It is a legitimate label design, of course that does not mean the label itself nor the suit is 'genuine'. I don't know if fakers would also fake the inside label...
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That is a legit label
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I'm just waiting for someone to say "its legit, but do you really want to buy armani"
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I know it's 'the right thing' to criticize Armani, and granted, their quality isn't the best for the price, but that aside Armani isn't that bad. In my opinion anyway
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