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Suit for my wedding...

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Hello Gents...

I'm looking to wear a 3-piece suit for my wedding this fall. I'd like to get something VERY classic...slim cut, flat-front pants, button-fly trousers, vest in the same color as the suit, etc...i've seen a couple on ebay from the 30s that I've liked, but I'd get killed if I wore a moth-hole laden suit to my wedding.

This will be my first-ever suit, and I don't have a bundle to spend. I was hoping I could waltz into a Brooks Bros. and get one off the rack, but they don't have them in their stores. Any suggestions? I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere, so I'd like some direction as to where I can look. Could I get a custom-made suit for around $500?

Thanks for the insight/suggestions..
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Depending on how you define "custom," $500 could be enough, but it likely would be low quality and it doesn't sound like a traveling tailor will be visiting your area.

If you are lucky, maybe you have a Jos. A. Bank nearby. There you might be able to build a three-piece suit from suit separates.

Otherwise, your best option is the Internet + a good local tailor to modify anything you buy.
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Originally Posted by mensimageconsultant
Otherwise, your best option is the Internet + a good local tailor to modify anything you buy.
If you go this route, do you have anything (a sportcoat would work) that fits in the way you want? If so, measure it and use that as a basis for your ebay shopping. Otherwise, you may want to see if you can go to a department store and try on some various labels to get your sizing.

On ebay, $500 should get you used Barbera/Isaia/Purple Label/Belvest/Oxxford (though Oxxford probably isn't the sort of cut you're looking for) and perhaps even Brioni/Kiton.
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Congratulations on getting married!

Could you possibly make a shopping trip to a "somewhere" to look at your options? Since this is your first suit, you should probably try on some different models and see what looks good. Brooks Brothers, for example, won't be a really slim fit.

Ebay is tricky, even when you know your measurements. Do you know your measurements? Lots of us shop with Sierra Trading Post. They have a pretty good selection of high quality suits and a truly fantastic return policy. I'm not sure whether you'll find a three piece suit, but I feel confident that you could find something really classy looking.
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Jil Sander, Prada, Brioni, Kiton, etc has the type of suit you are looking for, but $500 sounds like a difficult find. Maybe you need to start looking at Filene's Basement and outlet malls. K&G has many types of suit for under $200.
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Jos. A. Bank is a good choice for your price point, they have a "build your own suit" function on their website where you can build a nice three-piece; converesly, if you go to one of their stores they can order you a vest. Brooks Bros. should be able to order a vest for many of their suits, did you ask the salesman?
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