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looks like a joke to me. F1 GP > *
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Originally Posted by A Y View Post

Thats not a car. It's a go-kart.
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That's gonna understeer like crazy in the corners, no? Or is it purely for oval circuits?

Valencia GP starts in a bit...
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Originally Posted by Reggs View Post
Thats not a car. It's a go-kart.

All open wheel racecars are essentially go-karts.
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^...that reach 230 mph!
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So the big global PR for the (now) Nissan Deltawing was yesterday.

Big news:

- Nissan is supplying the motor which is a 300HP turbo-4 based on the Juke's 1.6L 160HP engine. Apparently all the other car companies pussied out.
- Will be racing at Le Mans as a Garage 56 car, which means it's an experimental entry that will run the race but not be eligible for placing.
- Public debut is tomorrow at Sebring.

Meanwhile, Highcroft released an onboard video of the car at Buttonwillow (a racetrack about 20 miles west of Bakersfield) as well as a feature:

More details and pics here:


Basically, they want to halve everything --- power, weight, consumption --- and keep up with the normal cars.

I'm really looking forward to Le Mans to see how this car does, and I can't believe IRL passed up this car because it was too radical! Who do they think they are? NASCAR?

Here are some short interviews with the various people involved, including the designer and Dan Gurney:

Ben Bowlby (designer):
Duncan Dayton (Highcroft):
Dan Gurney:
Don Panoz:

Interesting points:
What's is it like to drive?
It's got a very benign, but exciting, handling characteristic in that it is an oversteer limit vehicle.
In other words, when you reach the threshold of grip the tendency is towards oversteer. This is
unusual in a rear-engined racing car which, unless provoked, is normally an understeer limited
vehicle with an inevitable snap oversteer event at the limit of control. In our case we will have
progressively increasing oversteer, allowing the driver to countersteer and maintain that
threshold condition in a very controlled way, something you can't do in a car that understeers.
From a racing driver's standpoint understeer is an unstable condition because you can't correct
it other than by slowing the car and starting again, but with controlled oversteer - intrinsic in
the layout of DeltaWing - it's much more controllable.

- reduced tire wear and reduced tire size saves everywhere
- Gurney was the 1st person to spray Champagne from the podium
- 11.8 gallon fuel tank

I think this is one of the most exciting racing developments in a long time!
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