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Our Finest Hour

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While we all are dressed to the nines, we are not exempt from the social blunder.

For instance, at dinner last night as i moved in my seat, the fabric against cushion caused it let out a huge fart - like sound. I assure you no one was noticing my nice suede shoes and linen shirt as they looked over their shoulder in disgust.

I'd be interested in hearing some good stories in which despite our best dressed efforts, it didn't help in the embarrassing situation.
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Oh yes, I've done that many times. I have a pair of black leather chealsea boots (I won't say what kind, because many members will probably say "serves you right"... but they rhyme with "Frada") that decide to let out a fart-like squeak at the most inopportune moments. Especially on dates. And, it's not like you can try and blame it on the shoes, even if it was the shoes.

So, take consulation in the fact that many of your brethren have done the same.

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