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How many ever forgotten to zip your fly? - Page 4

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I leave mine down on purpose. I do it for the ladies.
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Talking about the resurrection of a thread.

After 2 years this thread arose!
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post
I had a friend in high school who...

You have/had a lot of interesting characters as friends.
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I seem to be going through a spat of this lately. I'm usually attentive towards this sort of thing but I've either walked into an important meeting with the fly down or walked into the office with my zipper down. I think I'm getting old.
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Never Zip Up-----More Freedom For The STALLION!!!
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I do when it comes time for the old Chicken Heart.
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Happes to me quite a few times... and it is at work ans somehow always in presence of the same female colleague.

The most recent happened a few days back... I went about my business as usual and forgot to zip up. She tried to avoid telling me initially as it was awkward. Eventually she told me and I was like shit, not again....

Then the next day, the worse happened, my fly was spoilt and it came undone by itself. I was talking to her and she was seated, there was another female collegaue at that time, so she waited for the female colleague to leave and then told me "I think your fly is unzipped." I looked down and saw omg it was. I thought maybe I forgot again so I just zipped up and go about as usual.

I decided to sit down beside her and have a chat as no one was already around. I moved about on the chair quite a bit and suddenlt she gave a slight awkward look. At first I ignored. Awhile later, she told me "Erm, I think your zip is spoilt. It seems to have come down abit on it's own and I can see your blue briefs." I looked down and OMG, my briefs were exposed to her... it was so embarassing...
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