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Tour de France

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Any bikers in here? The two leading contenders to win this year have just been suspended by their teams for being implicated in "Operation Puerto", where a spanish doctor got arrested for doping offenses, and they found in his offices logbooks with athletes names and money amounts paid, as well as containers of blood with names on them.

With Lance retired, it could well be that the top 5 finishers last year won't be in the race this year.

It's wide open for a bunch of riders now.
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I think it's always been a dirty sport. I wonder what the sponsors will do.
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I'm really looking forward to what unfolds...
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Well, if the Dauphine Libre is any indication, than I say America stands a pretty good chance of keeping the top spot for the 8th year in a row.

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So Lance's nearest rivals are suspected of blood doping,this means Lance was even better than we thought or...........
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i personally know 2 guys who trained with professional teams in switzerland when they were in high school. they were the top ranked juniors in a certain latin american country, and they've told told me that all the cyclists are doping. every single one. it's part of training from the time they are teens.
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Frankly the best part of the Tour de France is the eponymous album by Kraftwerk. IMHO of course
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I'm not sure that Lance was even better than we thought. It's an oft-repeated claim, but a friend of his apparently claimed in a deposition that, after cancer surgery, he told his doctors he'd used several performance-enhancing drugs.
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