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Dress as well as the best-dressed guy in the office or better.   My initial impression of an entry level guy who comes in wearing a nice french-cuffed shirt, crisply pressed slacks and nicely polished, high quality shoes would be "Sharp Kid". .
I can`t help but agree with Carlo. I do not think it matters if you start the first day wearing a French cuff shirt or not. However if you feel more comfortable wearing a barrel cuff shirt then do so. But you should not feel constrained from not wearing a French Cuff shirt on your first day. Stuart
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Oh yeah.... When you are dressed well and know it you will feel more sure of yourself and nothing makes a better impression than confidance... not the obnoxiousness of being cocky but the self-assured poise that comes from feeling good about yourself. When I moved from R&D to sales many years ago I learned to dress as well as the guys I was negotiating with. You don't go asking for $5M in polyester blends. As trite as it sounds you get one shot at first impressions - make'm count. One last reason to dress nicely, forgive me for getting deep and philosophical: Chicks dig well-dressed men and that too is a competitive marketplace. Don't kid yerself, the guy who is well dressed and confidant will attract more looks than the better looking slob every time.
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