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Originally Posted by boso View Post

Anyone here own/owned an OL jean jacket? Think I'm going to try to pick one up as my SS coat 

I have the rainbow print one from SS14. The fit is pretty short and boxy with fairly long arms so there'll be a bit of sleeve stacking.


As far as the boxiness goes, most of the excess torso fabric seems to be in the back because when I button it up it's pretty fitted on the front. This means that the back of it kind of hangs straight down from the shoulders when unbuttoned, not really following the curve of the spine. I don't know if they've altered the cut but that's how mine is.


The chest pocket is nice, it's not as practical as handwarmer pockets but at least it's big enough to store keys and a few other things in for when it's your only outer layer.

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Anyone tried on their Mercerized (cotton) range and can comment on it?



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Anyone have the patch pocket bomber or the workers jacket?

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Anyone try on/own that Prince jacket?

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