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Hey guys,

It is great to see so much love for the brand, interested to hear your thoughts on the new eyewear line?


@ALEN003 So basically the 40's and 50s are a very similar cut but the 40's has a traditional 3/4 dress shirt placket and the 50s a standard placket.


@OccultaVexillum We’ve found the Crinkled pullover to be selling well in store, it isn’t lined but with a t-shirt or a shirt underneath is super nice to wear.


Heads up - we've got 20% off sitewide this weekend if you you were keen to snap up an OL bargain, automatically deducted at the checkout!


Will x

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I would buy so much from you guys if shipping wasn't so expensive to the US.

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@OccultaVexillum I understand, we are in discussion with our couriers and working on bringing down the cost of shipping. Of course we will be passing on the saving to our customers. In the interim if there are any purchases you want to make if you contact us directly we can try to offer a more competitive shipment with alternative resources.


Will x

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Are there cheaper options if you order over a certain amount? Maybe I'm just missing that info.
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Hey everyone, 

Right so I'm currently doing a final year university project and I'm choosing to focus it on Our Legacy. I was hoping that I'd be able to get in contact with some of you, to be able to interview you and possibly conduct some focus group work (if you are London based)? 

I have a load of questions so if any of you are happy to help out, please give me a shout at georginaldunn@yahoo.com and I can send over any other info. I really appreciate any help I can get so please don't hesitate!

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hey, we will be happy to help, fire your questions to kinglyst@other-shop.com att Matthew 

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damn the new splash collection is out of this world. Theres like 6 or 7 pieces I want. Loving the color palatte

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Agreed: the chambray popover (thing) is dope.

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Hey, having come across some "Buy/Sell/Trade" clubs for fans of niche brands on Facebook, I figured it'd be nice if we had one for Our Legacy. 


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Originally Posted by CosmicAsininity View Post

Hey, having come across some "Buy/Sell/Trade" clubs for fans of niche brands on Facebook

do you have the list of these pages? especially APC. thanks!
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Unfortunately not - it does seem that some of the members in this new OL group are pretty networked though!  I'm thinking it shouldn't be too hard to find some of them.  

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Anyone here own/owned an OL jean jacket? Think I'm going to try to pick one up as my SS coat 

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