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anyone with six shirts in small they don't want, drop me a line!
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It was $485, everything at Mr. Porter for OL goes to 70-80% off, usually with FSR you just have to catch it when they load old season stuff onto website in next season sale

Full leathers at OL are like $800 max
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$485 sounds right. Aside from moral objections, I have to say that it's a brilliant marketing tactic of this ebay seller to use an insanely high buy it now price based on an altered picture to get people to bid much higher than they otherwise would on the open auction.

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I hope somebody buys that bomber, shits on it, and returns it with a Significantly Not As Described claim.

Inflating MSRP by a bit to boost selling price is par for the course. Tripling it is ridiculous.
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Is there any way to report use of a faked image to misrepresent the retail value of an item? I even emailed the seller to make him clarify and he flat out lied to me by making up the story of the aunt. Sad thing is I have bought from him before so I was more inclined to trust his story before I posted here. I bid a little more than I would have had because I half believed him. 

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Anyone else pick this up? Against better judgement I just grabbed it. I've waited way too long for a well-made slim olive ma-1 for under 400 bucks. Maybe could've waited or a sale, though.


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looks good. pls provide opinion when u get it
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