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Originally Posted by MightyDuck View Post

Hey Im looking at this suit:

Anyone know about fit, construction quality what the shoulder padding is like?

Has anyone handled it?


Also out of interest I have seen pictures from their current season of a leather jacket which I cant find yet anyone seen a price somewhere for it?


Our Legacy suiting is fairly TTS and on the slimmer side. It will probably need tailoring unless you find going off the rack fits you right usually, their sleeves are long and the pants come long also so you can take them up, something to take into consideration if you're a shorter guy. I think their quality in suiting isn't great, lack of lining, uncomfortable materials, and this particular jacket had a cheap feel to it to be honest, H&M kinda feel to the material. For the same money you can find much better, unless you like the design of it rather strongly, the pattern itself looks quite good. 

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Originally Posted by smdbitchh View Post

Just received a Our Legacy six shirt that I ordered last week. I have previously read that they run a bit boxy but I wasnt so concerned since the shirt was on sale and I have pretty broad shoulders to begin with. I also dont like my shirts to be super narrow and fitted.


Tried it on a few minutes ago and its pretty baggy and a bit long even compared to Gitman which I dont consider a very slim fitting brand and I love.


Its not so huge that I could never wear it but its a bit big for me. Has anyone had any luck washing and drying(shrink a bit) any Our Legacy shirting? I normally wash my shirts and hang to dry but if I can get it to shrink just a bit that would be great or is it going to come out possibly damaged or misshaped? I could probably sell it on ebay and break even but the fabric feels really nice and the styling I like a lot.


Should have tried some on since there are a ton of stores that carry OL in my area but never got around to it.


fyi. fabric is cotton and linen




I've never tried their Six Shirts, so I can't speak to the fit. However, I am in a similar situation with a medium 1950's denim shirt (it's for sale too!). It fits a little baggy on me, but it's still wearable. Ultimately, I know a size small will fit even better so I'm re-reselling it.


With OL, you have to keep in mind that each cut fits differently (i.e., I'm a small in their 1950's shirt, but a medium in their Classic shirt). You also have to factor in the material, which might affect how the shirt "hangs" on you. 


OL is supposed to be on the boxy side, but not necessarily baggy. There are also different kinds of baggy: is the collar loose? are the arms too long? is the shirt too long? etc. And what works on one person, might not work on another...


So in the end, it helps to try it on first--if you are lucky enough to have a store that stocks it near you!


When I try on OL I just think to myself: If it doesn't feel "right" then it probably doesn't fit. 

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anyone know how the quality of their footwear is? in particular the runners
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Originally Posted by wizzeak View Post

anyone know how the quality of their footwear is? in particular the runners

I have a pair of runner II trainers in the post from cruisefashion,

these ones:


I will let you know when they get here

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Anybody interested in a SS14 Pink Indigo Shirt in Small (46), BNWT? It fits me way too tight and I can't return/exchange it for a medium :(.


The same one pictured here:


Love the shirt, would love a medium...

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Anybody here familiar with the sizing on this blazer: ?
I am guessing XXL would mean 54. I know OL runs pretty slim and I am a true 42 - hoping that this guy may work for me. If nobody has any info I may just give it a try considering yoox's return policy.
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I dont think OL tends to fit small.  ithink it actually fits pretty large (for shirts and jackets at least)

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Huh okay, maybe I won't push my luck then.
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OL suiting often does fit slim. That blazer may work for you but there's so little consistency in sizing within (let alone between) seasons it's hard to know.
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Ok I had an interesting experience with Cruise trying to buy some runner I trainers, first time I ordered it was cancelled without informing me, then I tried again as it was still on their site, same problem. Then I phoned in and I was told they were definitely out of stock.

By chance I was on their site on monday and saw that the trainers were back and so bought them, this time it worked!

Got them today...

Anyway the point of the rambling is that someone asked about sizing,

I wear a UK size 7 red wings, UK 8 in most trainers including new balance and onitsuka though I fit a 8.5 about as comfortably in these.

I bought the size 42 runners in navy/petrol and they fit me snug and well, i think i would be alright up a size but not down one.

Hope thats helpful

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Also new splash collection announced on their website going to be released tomorrow, 

That tiger stripe shirt :slayer:

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Does our legacy court sneakers run the same as common projects achillies?
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Originally Posted by VJAYEYE View Post

Does our legacy court sneakers run the same as common projects achillies?


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snapped up this cream melange reversible>


anyone have any experience with ol reversibles? how does the small (46) fit?

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No experience with reversibles but if its anything like he great sweat then they fit boxy and slightly short

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