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Regarding OL dress pants....

Does 50=US34 ? Or would that be 52?

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Originally Posted by Lollie View Post

Regarding OL dress pants....
Does 50=US34 ? Or would that be 52?

In general 50 is 34, but depending on season some may fit differently. Also found waist on a lot of pairs tight relative to fit on rest of pant
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Technically 50 EU is US 34, but the one pair of OL trousers I have are that very size and they run smaller than any other pants I've ever had. They are about 16.5 inches across the waist, with the front and back lined up perfectly flat. I keep meaning to find a tailor to let them out a bit.

Theoretically a perfect size 34 should measure 17.0 inches across the waist, but I find most from other brands are 17.25 - 17.75, so if I ever buy more pants from OL I will probably size up to 52 and hope they fit the same as the rest of my pants.

This may be common knowledge in this thread or for all I know others may disagree. Keep in mind my sample size is one, as I've only ever tried on the pair of OL pants I own.
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OL sizing is all over the place. A couple of seasons ago their chinos fit tiny and last year their wool trousers came up small, but for the most part their legwear has fit true to size over the years. I'm a 34 waist and own mainly size 50s with a couple of 52s thrown in.
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And what about the 3b blazers? Seems they are slim fitting but are they  TTS slim or size up slim? Thanks everyone :) 

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Anyone own or have tried on the indigo lakes button down that can share info on the fit and quality of the shirt? Thanks.
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Originally Posted by quuz View Post

Sude shirt from our legacy, still not 100% sure about it but it was 40%off, we'll see when it arrives icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Suede shirt is my favourite item from OL.
Did you sized up?
About first cut jeans I can confim to size up too, I'm a 31 (Acne, Levi's) and get a 32.....
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Anybody have the relaxed trousers from last spring? They came in purple and midnight, maybe other colors. These:

They are cotton,, but feel like polyester. Tag says dry clean only, but I want to cold wash them instead. Anybody done that? I'm worried about the dye running, as well as other considerations. Thanks.
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I was my "midnight flame" with no special care. Works ok, not sure if experience is relevant for the purple.
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Those spring-scarves that just popped up on the webshop... :satisfied:

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The suede shirt is awesome but when I saw it in person it looked VERY orange
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I want one of the older suede shirts very badly. The newer versions don't look as cropped as the one below (which is what I prefer). Let me know if anyone would like to sell one...


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what size are you?

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