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Perfect t true to size
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Anyone seen this shirt in 48/M in stock?

Looking for a nice off white shirt with some texture.
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Legend. Just bought it and discovered a new online store :)



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After wash my relaxed trousers feel and look a lot like pajama pants...
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Just received the grey melange shirt in M/48 today. Really nice shirt and very comfortable.

Do OL shirts normally fit large? The M feels quite relaxed in the body and the shirt is fairly long.

Fits like an APC/Acne shirt in size 50/L and a JCrew in M.

Also, got my eye on quite a few items this season. Love the pin dot T's and suiting.

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Yes, pretty much everything fits very relaxed in OL, but that's the look.
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The t shirts in 48 are quite fitted though.

I have both a 50 and 48 and there's a fair difference between the two.

50 t's are much longer and looser around the neck.
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Just noticed the new suede shirt for this season. Prefer it over the 'mudd' colour from last.


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I'm sure I posted in here the other day.  Has anyone seen any dead stock items anywhere?  I'm keen to replace a lost item, english cloth blazer.

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That suede shirt looks great. Anybody get the red suede jacket with the panel back from last season? Looked amazing in Tres Bien photos but not so much elsewhere.
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caveat the suede shirt is awesome but that color is probably the worst version of it i think the mudd and black look great. although the price is ffffuuuu.gif . a lot of things look great on tres bien shops model.

thinking its the haircut for sure nod[1].gif
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rotide you can only hope for ebay or put up a wtb ad on forums marketplaces
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Really? I think the grey is awesome. 


Was the mudd color from last year the same shirt/cut?

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if you go to the other our legacy thread on another forum you'll see all sorts of remarks about that grey one like something a long the lines of that shirt is dog shit.....

i think the mudd and black work with most peoples wardrobe easily that grey you might have to dress for. i think they release the suede mudd in the same style shirt and slim cut every year.

i'm definitely going to buy one in mudd when it comes around this time last time 44 sold out shortly after it was put up. now if that grey was a lot darker like gray it be money for me icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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