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Got the hemp/cotton shirt from Mr Porter, and it's really nice. Was surprised that the fit wasn't as boxy as people make it out to be.
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Is there a list of stockists that sell OL in the USA, more specifically New York?
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Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

Also interested in info on their shoes.

Anyone handled the side zips?
General impression, quality, sizing?


Don't own a pair (got a pair on the way) but I read somewhere they're made by Sanders (same as McNairy). If so, I think they usually fit true to size. Some other would argue you should size down a half. Quality is good, but not great.
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Yeah pretty sure shoes are by Sanders.

As for shipping time their webstore took 8 days and like 20 days to ship my sale orders in the fall. At 60% off I'm happy to wait
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Got the wholecuts from tresbien. Fucking great! Suede on the tongue is very thin because its not backed, but they are great shoes. Got tons of compliments yesterday. Went TTS, definitely a little big especially after they stretch out. Kinda wish I could've tried on a half size down. Normally a 10.5 us went with a 9.5uk, room in toebox, would probably want insoles if I was going to wear barefoot, but with socks these will be fine.
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anyone having or knowing where to find the 1940's chambray button down in size large/50 get at me please.

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Does anyone here have the leather wholecuts? People seem to be raving about the suede ones but I have enough summer footwear. Trying to plan my F/W purchases a bit...
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I think I saw someone bought them in the recent purchases thread
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Hey SF,






Our Summer Sale has been extended with discounts up to 50% off. We have included a couple of new collections to the sale as well, along with further and final discounts on all other Spring-Summer collections including Our Legacy. Quantities are limited but feel free to send us a direct message or email at You can also reach me personally at





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Hey guys,

Do all of the First shirts generally fit the same? I currently only own the Sakura First shirt from the splash collection and had to size up to a large from my normal medium, is it safe to say that any of the other First shirts (in particular the Stitched Linum) would also be a large for me?
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My experience with the checked first shirts from this and the previous season is that they fit a little loose through the chest and body but slim in the sleeves. I've seen measurements vary from piece to piece (and from store to store) though..
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I have a 1940's chambray button down shirt sz 48/M brand new if anyone is interested.  I know its been sold out for a bit.....

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Here is a story for you guys why better to get our legacy via TBS then Our legacy.
I have heard some members having bad experience from getting stuff form ol online store before
and I also sent them like 5 emails asking whether they will restock some items, but none of them got reply.
However, it still didn't stop me from stopping stuff of them since you won't expect shit happens on you right?

I really want to buy the irregular jacket before, the colour is darker than usual jeans jacket and the light weight of the material makes it an ideal piece for layering. However, there is not much store having them in xs.
I was planning to get it from tbs before, loving for their fast shipment and great communication between customers ,so import tax could be saved(fucking Canadian custom) , but someone bought it before i did.

So when I see there is one in our legacy site left in 40%off. I just grabbed it without thinking too much.
After waiting for a weak(unexpectedly fast), I got it today.

I was very happy and I actually waited @ the FedEx guy to come without going to lectures.......

i did not realized I got the wrong jacket before since I was just too happy until few hours has been passed.
But when I got it, the jacket is a bit wet, maybe the hot weather outside(Toronto).

Just sent ol en email and hope them not going to ignore me one more time, if yes, I will be really really pissed.
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Sorry man, I don't understand a single fucking thing you just posted.
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How long does TBS generally take to process a return?
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