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Our Legacy

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Maybe I've just missed a thread, but is there no love for Our Legacy on here? Been buying for a few seasons now, and so impressed with the quality, fit (maybe not so much on the chinos, and not tried the denim) and variety they're putting out. They're not trying to change the wheel, but they're perfect if you want some really nice basics. Their country denim shirt from last season is one of my favourite pieces of clothing. And this season I've picked up: and And love both. I think the winter look to the last one has put people off, but the material is very light so it's not really a problem and the raspberry looks great up close. Considering a couple more shirts if I can get the cash together. My only gripe is the sizing can be a bit crazy over seasons and between shirts.
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i like our legacy, there was a thread a while ago
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Man I love Our Legacy Who doesn't like Our Legacy? J Crew fanboi's should be onto this stuff.
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OL's got great stuff; still regret not buying that japan checks plaid shirt from last season.
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If anybody is interested, we now have Our Legacy at Stel's. We have the shirt in the second picture. The fabrics that they use are amazing! We will have it up on our website in a couple of weeks.
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Did you not see the other two Our Legacy threads that popped up as you were creating the title? That's what it's there for you fucking fuck.
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^you are not the most pleasant guy in the world are you?
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But really.. every poster should think twice and thrice and use the "search" function before creating threads that already exist.
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Great looking shirts - far too expensive.
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$150 isn't bad...
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Originally Posted by nonissue View Post
$150 isn't bad...

Except they are not $150, not for the showcased shirts, two of which appear above. Minimum $210 to $250. At least according to Tres Bien, Oi Polloi, and the like.
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We just got our first shipment from Our Legacy and i'm really happy with all of it. I had never had an opportunity to handle a lot of their stuff until now and i'm totally impressed with the quality and cuts. Our Spring order was quite small, but we just placed one for Fall that is considerably larger.

I get that the stuff isn't exactly cheap, but i'm surprised to hear complaints about the price. For what you get, and where the brand is placed, i think it's an exceptional value. A lot of what makes the pieces so great are the fabrics and treatments, which i guess don't translate well in pictures always, but if you felt and tried the stuff on i doubt anyone would think it was too expensive. The Shirting varies quite a bit in price, but for example, the two styles we have in store right now come in at a relatively low $160 (CAD) and $185 (CAD).

Plus i can't remember the last time a brand had me this excited about washed jeans.
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I've started to realize that spending $80-$160 is the range you gotta dish out to get a nice button up. And it tends to be worth it.
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^ yup, OL's shirts and overall brand direction is awesome. jcrew dudes step it up. The 20%off vat at tbn makes everything a pretty good value. Fred Segal in Santa Monica stocks OL.
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how is the usual fit of OL shirts in a small size? Are they relatively slim or similar to jcrew cuts?
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