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Denim Rubbernecking...

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I saw this thread over on the SF boards and though that it might be interesting way. Have you ever found youself glancing at the back of someone jeans, just to see what brand they are? I think that we are all guilty of doing this to both males and females. I hate to admit, but I've done it and not in a queer way. The first time I caught myself doing it was right after I was reading an older thread about Orange Tab Levi's. I read the thread and I think a few days later, I saw some old guy wearing a pair of Orange tabs. I didn't stare, he was just walking in front of me and I happened to notice that he was wearing a pair. It was weird, just reading about it and the next day seeing it seemed a little weird. I guess that I do it more with girls as an excuse to check them out. Has this ever happened to you?
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A woman came into my work with her jeans rolled up and they were selvege. I had to look at the back patch as she walked away to see what brand they were. They were l.e.i. ......
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i do it all the time
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i always look at what people are wearing.
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I do it all the time. Just waiting for someones boyfriend to get pissed and punch me.
"But I was just checking what jeans she's wearing! - Yeah right! *schmack*"
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Aka Breaking Necks
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Perhaps a better question is:

Do you see someone wearing a perfectly broken in pair of jeans, you turn around see they are PBJs, and notice and the person seems to be about your size, and you take the tire iron to them in order to procure the said perfect pair of jeans?
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I do it too. I'm a guy and I tend to check out what guys are wearing because if it nice, I can go buy it. I realized that this might look gay to other people (a guy checking out another guy's ass) so I try to not make it too obvious. No one besides another denimhead will understand/accept the explanation of "just checking out his jeans".
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...and checking out a guy's jeans isn't gay? [jokes ] --Wade
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surely it is a little bit gay, but not as gay as checking out his ass
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I just did this with my sales dood at Paul Smith....I noticed his jeans looked familiar so I looked around his back while he was talking with my gf and asked him if he was wearing "APC New Standards" and sho nuff... so then we got to talking jeans and shit. I think he was happily surprised someone knew what he had on, as he had just gotten them a few months prior.
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I do it all the time. In Portland, it's unusual to see any sort of quality when it comes to the jeans people are wearing, so it's a nice surprise when I notice something out of the ordinary. Mostly though, it's a fun trick to do with friends - identifying the jeans based on pocket stitching and cut.
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Your girl rubbernecks on my penix. ZING.

Yea, I do this all the time actually.. and sometimes, it does feel kinda gay checking out someone's jeans (males) .. I have no problem checking out every facet of a female though, jeans or otherwise.
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i do that everytime
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Just glance and then look the other way, only works with obvious pocket stitchings such as Nudie.
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