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58. They have a useful place at the right times in summer.
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27, NY/NJ. Unless you are a shoe/sandal model, or could be, your feet are not something I want to see.

NTM that they provide no support whatsoever, and when wearing them around (as people inexplicably do in New York City, the dirtiest of all places), you're feet become absolutely disgustingly dirty.

In college I knew a guy who made his girlfriend wash off her feet before she got into bed. Understandable given that she wore flip-flops everywhere.
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34, Miami - nope to flip flops, just don't like the way they feel or really look. I wear Teva style sandals when I am not wearing sneakers or shoes. Not a fan of the leather cage style sandals either, I'm not a Roman gladiator.
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I live in DC. I never wear them out. The only time I whip them out is at the beach or the pool. Some schmucks in DC wear them in fall and early spring, when the temperature is in the 50s.
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Originally Posted by Nereis View Post
I have worn flip flops approximately one time in the past three years. I am repulsed by the concept of bare man feet anywhere where you would be expected to wear a shirt.

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I am one of those peole, especialy on men. Sometimes they are fine on owmen when they have their toes painted and presen't them well. Most men do not take that great a care of their toe naiuls and it just looks gross when they expose them like that.
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I'm 23....I wear flip flops to the beach/pool like most of you. However, I do wear leather sandals quite often in the summer, and have done so with a suit before.
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I wear flip flops on a daily basis during the summer, if I am in a casual situation at least (going to the pool, beach, boating etc.). I know they may not be the most attractive shoewear... but try going to the Bahamas and wearing anything other than swim trunks, fishing shirts and flip flops every day. In that kind of climate your toes are the least of your problem in my opinion.
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I wear them if I am going to the beach or in a public shower (that's pretty much never). Outside of those situations, I think they're a poor choice and if it's too hot for enclosed footwear I take to leather sandals, which are more comfortable, provide some support and don't sound like someone's beating off everytime the wearer walks. EDIT: For the record I am a 20 year old Australian Male with a liberal and open-minded attitude to clothing and all else. I am not some "all footwear must be enclosed, a gentleman does not wear shorts," or a "don't wear black" kind of guy. I used to wear them and stopped at age 17, so don't say, "You're close-minded/old-fashioned" or,"don't knock them 'til you've tried them."
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38, Atlanta. I don't get the concept of flip-flops. What is the major flaw of closed toe shoes that flip-flops solves?
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42 - Sacramento / Phoenix.

Yes, I wear flip-flops a lot in the summer. Casual look with shorts or jeans.
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21, flip flops are for children.
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Mephisto Sharks are my ultimate summer shoe:
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Age unimportant. Only intelligence is important.
'If I can't run in them, I don't wear them' is my policy on any footwear.
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I hate them with a passion. I find it is a crime against humanity to separate a big toe from its little brothers.

I'm 40, used to live in Paris, now live in a tropical country (Singapore) and still you won't catch me dead wearing them.

PS: I hated them when I was 20 as well, so it's not a generational thing in my case.
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