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Originally Posted by PiperInAlberta View Post
I know I'll get a from others here but...

American Eagle makes good, comfy shorts (of the non-cargo variety) for a decent price. They are also usually free of any obnoxious branding.

That being said, I'll be following this topic with interest and I'm in the market for some new shorts.

Word. I had a couple pairs before I joined this stupid forum that changed my mind about everything but I still wear these when it's summertime.

I also have some Gap shorts which are nice.

But all I wear now is denimz.
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Any opinions on cut-off and cuffed slim denim shorts?
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I wear APC NS cutoffs. Make sure your cut them above the knee and you have nice legs.
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I had a pair of H&M skinny jeans that were way too tapered below the knee so I cut them off and wear them cuffed so they fall right at my knees. I think it's an ok look for summer but I'm sure most of this forum will disagree.
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Originally Posted by Earnest Hemingway View Post
Any opinions on cut-off and cuffed slim denim shorts?

Could look sweet.

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I despise jean shorts.
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jorts are in...
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I'm a big fan of the JCrew Club shorts as well. I'll be picking up a few when the weather gets nice.
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Gap has some great khaki shorts that break just above the knee and are pretty slim overall. I got a pair for $30 (don't think it was on sale) last year and I preferred the fabric and construction to the J. Crew club shorts. I haven't tried any shorts for the coming season so I don't know if they have changed since then...
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We likes those^^^!
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i like this look, even the stupid-thick cardigan
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Originally Posted by shahanshah View Post
jet is this the damir you talking about ? guess who got it last summer...

No mine is from the year before that which was the first iteration of that, much nicer. And guess who got them because of yours truly because he couldn't find my version.
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I am hoping to make some cut-offs out of some thrifted levis white-tabs.

if i were wealthy id just kop the OCx Levis jawns in curry... i[ve been lusting over them since they dropped.
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Grey snakeskin pattern woman's highwaisted pants cut off above the knee, too easy.
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Are jean shorts actually in this season?
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