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Well, now that he's been called out on an internet message board I'm pretty sure his career is fucked.
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Well, the man has a point...
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Originally Posted by fredfred View Post
Neither do I. But then why did he accept the short run Broadway contract?

He welshed on it. He bailed. He failed to fulfill the contract. This isn't a case of bailing on some tiny show 'cause you just got a major part somewhere. That's understandable and is an accepted part of the business. In fact, he was likely cashing in on his success when he accepted the part. Broadway producers pay extra $ for a marquee name.

This was committing to a show and then bailing on it 'cause you are bored - or it was too difficult for him - or something. Totally lame. Totally without honor.

E-Bushido eh?

You wouldn't happen to have been one of the jilted producers would you? You seem a bit touchy on the subject. I for one am glad that he isn't doing the Broadway show because I enjoy him a lot more and so do many others on Entourage.
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Great quote by Broadway playwright David Mamet:

"I talked to Jeremy on the phone, and he told me that he discovered that he had a very high level of mercury. So my understanding is that he is leaving show business to pursue a career as a thermometer."
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Originally Posted by fredfred View Post
Totally without honor.

i know it kind went without saying but trashing the dude in some tangent on a internet style forum isn't exactly the pinnacle of honor either.... clearly you have a chip on your shoulder about it. i'd advise you to talk to him about it like a man... and if you don't know him.... then stay the fuck out of his business.
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Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs View Post
I liked him on Seinfeld. Pretty sure he's got plugs or some sort of hair work. If you see him in Heat he had a receding hairline as well
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