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Thinking about joining my school's toastmaster club. If anything, I'd like to be a better public speaker. Does anyone here have experience with it?
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Recommended, and not just because I am a member. I joined my local club late last year and wish I had done so sooner.

In general you will find the most supportive people, all with the same goal. All the "regular" clubs (with a few exceptions - check their web sites, start at allow guests to attend without pressure to speak or join. Many do join.

Upon joining you will be offered a mentor - generally a more experienced speaker who volunteers his/her help and guidance. You'll also get a manual with 10 speaking projects, each of which focuses on a particular aspect of speaking: structure, body language, vocal variety, research, persuade, motivate. You'll progress at your own pace.

In short, you can expect a positive, supportive environment where you are encouraged to develop as a speaker. IMHO, well worth the time and money.
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Toastmasters was fantastic for improving my public speaking skills. Highly recommended.
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