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Styleforum on stage in NYC!

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Dear Folks: As you may know, all of my sartorial activities, including buying, selling and wearing, are in service of my life (and image) as a playwright. And so I am happy to report that my version of THE FLIGHT OF ICARUS will reach the stage in late July right here in New York City, where so many of us live. If the title sounds familiar, it is because I have posted news of the projects progress through this past year: There was a reading in Austin, Texas, in September, and the NY reading in December. But the upcoming July show will be the first full production. I hope to see many of you. While readings are sometimes inside-baseball affairs, a show is for everybody…. Especially when the show is in Soho, close by so many restaurants and bars. Here’s the synopsis and show info: In THE FLIGHT OF ICARUS, the character Icarus flees from the novel of his author Hubert, who hires a detective to find him. But Icarus has already met a prostitute who herself escaped from a crossword puzzle, and they are building a life together. THE FLIGHT OF ICARUS takes place in an 1890s Paris that is full of New Things: the automobile, sado-masochism, the color mauve...and aviation, all great temptations for one who wants to be Modern. But when Icarus takes to the air, will he be a New Model Icarus, or just an Icarus Classic? The 1968 novel THE FLIGHT OF ICARUS was the final work of author Raymond Queneau (1903-1976), and final word on preoccupations he had explored over decades, most famously in ZAZIE IN THE METRO: the pulse and lure of Paris, the perverse pleasures of mathematics, and the mighty question of whether we write ourselves or are written. As ever, Queneau wears his deep concerns very lightly, and with great humor. This is the first-ever stage version of his novel in English. July 26-29 (Wednesday-Saturday) 7PM [Note curtain time] Ice Factory Festival Ohio Theatre 66 Wooster Street (between Spring and Broome) Tickets $15. Reservations 212-868-4444 Running time: about 100 minutes. Festival productions like this one often lead to longer runs later. Preview article Show info: Info on Queneau: We had our first read through last night. Our cast is great, and features actors from the CSC production of FAUST and Broadway’s Tony-nominated WELL. They’re very funny. I have high hopes. In Austin, at our first reading last September, fellow sartorialist Kent Wang attended. If I can get the same percentage of forum members in NYC that I got in Austin, we’ll sell out every night! LASTLY, and this is the classic appeal, I hope that some forum members may help defray costs of the production. We are currently about $1200 short of our goal. Theater is costly, especially in the case of a period piece that requires particular costumes, as forum members will understand. The festival’s producer is a 501c3 nonprofit org, so any contributions are fully tax deductible. Your employer may offer matching grants as well. We believe in the efficacy of small sums! Of course, we also believe in the efficacy of large sums. Please, please PM me if you can offer any support. See you at the show!
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This was one of the most humourestful plays I have seen.
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Originally Posted by Kent Wang
Does it mean what I think it means?
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What I think Kent means is that the play is so funny -- and humorous -- that ordinary words describing fun -- and humor -- are inadequate to describe, etc.

Just trying to help.
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Originally Posted by DarkNWorn
Does it mean what I think it means?
Language is a consensual construct. I've coined the word and now I will let the masses interpret it however they will.
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THE FLIGHT OF ICARUS "Humourestful!" Kent Wang,
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Congrats Mack!
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Our publicity photo is now available! Note that Icarus is in the pictured state because his novelist, in the foreground, never described how he was dressed. The play takes place in the 1890s -- well before the rise of internet fora such as this one, which would have nipped this problem in the bud. ALSO, thanks to members of this forum and others, we are much closer to meeting our fundraising goals. As you know, good actors in any state of dress or un- are not cheap. If you are interested in becoming one of our patrons, either PM me or simply paypal See you at the show!
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We're on Shortlist in New York magazine this week!

Check it out:

Also, we now have a lovely postcard:

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very nice looking postcard. The front would make a great poster too.

That image reminds me of the Wender's movie "Wings of Desire"
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Update: everything going quite well. The design team is as good as the cast, which is to day, very.

Just emerging from tech now -- run-throughs tonight and tomorrow aft, then...


Thanks to all for your support.

Perfs Wed the 26th through Sat the 29th. Full details above.

First-nighters especially welcome.

See you at the show!
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