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Then I must ask. What prompted 6 bounces to beat on you, toogies?
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jeebus, what did you do???
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Might have posted this before: When I was in my twenties, I lashed out and kicked the wall in my sleep. So hard was the impact, that my large toenail hung by a thread. I eventually had to pull it off completely. It's never grown back properly since. Not painful: I've woken in the morning to find my bedside light in pieces, some fifteen feet away from the bed, with my hand bruised and cut... weird! Lear (the ugly one)
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Originally Posted by toogies80 View Post
6 bouncers VS Me. I lose

Bump for deets.
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Originally Posted by sho'nuff View Post
i cant remember the worst but from recent memory, i recently slammed the car door onto my right index finger tip.
i didnt feel anything but shock for literally 4-6 seconds. and then immediately afterwards i couldnt stop screaming (at the church parking lot sunday morning btw)

that was like 4 months ago. the fingernail turned completely black, it took about 3 months for it to slowly fall off and now i am with almost a new nail.

Same thing happened to me, damn that hurt.
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I broadsided a tree last winter rushing home from school. Luckily I sustained no serious injuries (the cop said I should've been killed), but my left shoulder felt like someone was trying to rip it out of my body for about 2 weeks. It wasnt torn, I had no broken bones, but for some reason it hurt like a motherfucker.

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I have hurt myself plenty of times over the years, but I don't think I have ever been in REEEEEEEAL pain.

A few standouts - when I was 12, the front wheel came off my bicycle, I faceplanted on to the concrete, lost a couple teeth, smashed my face up pretty bad. Lotsa stitches in my lip which to this day mean I have a crooked smile. That hurt.

Ive broken both wrists, one playing Australian football, one mountain biking. Broken a thumb boxing as well, that wasn't too bad. Got laid that night with a strange Japanese sex freak who thought plaster casts were sexy. Weird night.

Been punched, kicked, twisted and contorted into all kinds of pain courtesy of martial arts training and growing up with a fast mouth in a bad neighborhood.

I had a hernia once, that used to smart when I walked. I was basically relieved when I was told it was a hernia though - hey, I found a painful lump 3 inches from my cock, I was scared I had cancer. Hernias are a welcome relief. Post surgery hurt a bit, mostly because you are twisting and contorting the stitches all the time. I remember I was living on a 4th floor walk up in a building where every apartment was split level - essentially making it 6 floors....going up 108 stairs a day after the surgery was pretty fucking painful too. One step at a time, gf watching me in tears as I winced and squirmed my way up. Collapsed on the sofa and took a bunch of painkillers when I got up, didn't leave for a few days.

I was hit by a motorbike from behind while walking through a park. That hurt. Didn't go to the doctor for a couple days to get the cuts looked at, and they could not tell if there was debris beneath the scab, so they decided the only thing to do was to remove all the scabs. That really really really hurt.

Still, nothing terminal there, I don't think I have ever really experienced true pain.
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Knee bar from Royler Gracie
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Cartlidge build-up between my rib cages. Extremely painful to breathe. Ambulance. Emergency Room.

To this day, I still have no idea why a cartlidge build-up suddenly appears.
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thankfully, have not needed surgery. But, worst pain has been when I endured a 3rd degree shoulder separation while playing flag football. Dove for a ball and landed right on my shoulder. Clavicle is sticking straight up still as I elected not go get surgery. Man alive, that shit hurt so much.
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Trival in light of onion et al, but:

[1] Walking with my wife after a snowfall in a local park. In the woods on the top of a ridge line there is a perfect snow covered descent, probably 200m of run. I'm wearing nylon pants so I make the clever decision to glissade down. I'm rocketing down the hill, leading with my ass when I run into a snow covered stump. Surprised I didn't break anything but had a contussion from the back of my knees to mid back. And it may have confirmed what my wife already though of me.

[2] Bike racing in VT. Peleton descends a little hill and there's a big pile-up. I go ass-over-tea-kettle and end up on my elbows and knees, doggie-style. One of my team mates makes it through the crowd to drive his bike right up the crack of my ass. Felt like an effing bike rack. Finished two more stages with the taint pretty badly bruised.
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Originally Posted by oroy38 View Post
Kidney stone. Followed by being stabbed/cut by an angry Latino. I'm more afraid of kidney stones than knives.
I'll also vote for kidney stones. Somebody mentioned dry sockets - I had dry sockets when they removed my wisdom teeth (all 8 of them - yes, 8) but its not even close to the kidney stones. Broke a wrist and then drove 4 hours home with it - admittedly, the turn signal was painful to activate by the end but it pales in comparison to kidney stones. I would liken them to being stabbed in the side and then having somebody twist the blade round and round for the next 8 to 10 hours.

Speaking of wisdom teeth, I always found fillings extremely painful when I was growing up, to the point my brothers called me a wuss. Always expected the dentist take the drill out of my mouth and see a tight bundle of nerves wrapped around the bit. So when I'm getting my wisdom teeth out the dental surgeon takes three tries to freeze my upper and lower jaw. He tells me the main nerve in my jaw is lower and further back than on most people and explains that most of the freezing I'd had in the past 20 years probably never did much for me. I'd like to see one of my brothers get a tooth filled without freezing.
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I was 17, playing hockey. Took a face-off and the puck was in my skates. One of the opposing wingers came in to get it and slew footed me...both of my legs went up in the air at about hip height and like an idiot I put my right arm out to brace the fall. Both of us came crashing down on it causing a compound fracture of the radius and ulna bones. There was blood everywhere and thankfully one of my teammates came and kept me from looking at the injury. The physical pain was indescribable and when its about to rain or I think about it (when I tell the story, like now) I can still feel it. The 2 plates and 12 screws are still in there keeping it all together. Worse than that was the emotional pain of not being able to play for a year and a half. My idiot teammates all got black "8" stickers (my number back then) and put it on their helmets until I came back.

But I have a feeling that its nothing compared to child birth...watched that twice.
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Ohh I bet there are some good ice hockey stories on here. I was playing when I was younger, fell over didn't have a glove on and someone ran over my fingers took a nice deep cut and a little through the bone. That pain was pretty bad also. Just lucky the finger stayed where it was really.
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Interesting read. I'll chip in with some experiences.
-Out camping, a large pan of water on a tiny propane burner to cook inside the tent because of rain, sitting next to it with thick socks on. Wind makes the tent move, throwing over a bottle against the pan, 2l of boiling water over my feet. Very painful.
-Broke my leg falling down something I had climbed on (age six). Not as bad as the time when I was 18, crashed my motorcycle into a truck coming across the road, falling underneath it while it still moved. Broke both the bones in my lower leg. Truck driver hadn't seen me with the sun low, only used his brakes when he heard a loud bang. I almost cleared the truck, but for my head. Luckily the truck stopped when one of the wheels was inches from my head. Worst part was actually in hospital when they tried to set the bones with me on nitrous gas. The procedure is still very painful despite the nitrous gas, and the nitrous makes it a scary experience. After that, they set it in a cast, only to hear the bones snapping back off again. I had to get surgery and metal pins inside.
-Jumped onto a broken beer glass in the pub because I was being an idiot, bottom of the glass didn't break and a very large part of it pierced my shoe and heel. I almost fainted and the shoe was drenched in blood.
-Experimenting with fireworks, having stuff exploding in my hands hurt. One time I had to go to the hospital because one of my finger tips was in pieces.

This was all in my childhood/teen years. Now I try to keep my children out of harms way as much as I can, still many years to go
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