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ITT: The worst physical pain you've ever experienced

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Ive never been seriously hurt or injured, so Im wondering what the pain gauge is of like a gun shot, stabbing, punch in the face, hernia, colonoscopy, etc....

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Acute or chronic pain?
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4th Grade, I slipped on the jungle gym and landed on the bar with my nuts. 7th or 8th Grade, mountain biking I hit something that brought the bike to a complete stop, throwing me forward and slamming my pubic bone into the stem/headset.
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Football "stinger."
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When I was quite young I had a mystery virus that caused horrible pain in my intercostal muscles along with normal fever type symptoms. Anyway it was a very sharp pain between my ribs and I felt like I couldn't breath. I was hauled off to hospital where they said there was little they could do about it and popped me in a bed, the next morning it was gone but for ~ 12 hours it was very painful. I once skiied very fast backwards into a hut, that hurt fairly badly, fortunately I was wearing a helmet (which was ruined). They called the blood wagon for me, but it was diverted to pick up someone that broke both their legs so I had to ski down, that hurt. Initially they thought I might have broken a few ribs but I got away with general bruising pretty much all over. I have never broken a bone bigger than my big toes (multiple times for both of them) though, or been shot or stabbed, and when I have been punched I haven't remembered it - just felt the bruises in the morning. Thankfully I only have a fairly limited experience of pain.
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I split my leg open diving for a football on the metal edging surrounding flower beds. It didn't feel very good and is by far the most pain I ever felt. Had about 40 stitches to close it up. This was when I was 12.

2 mornings later I was back out on a goose hunt though. I was quite proud of my perseverance at that age.
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F**cking kidney stones, period.
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i cant remember the worst but from recent memory, i recently slammed the car door onto my right index finger tip.
i didnt feel anything but shock for literally 4-6 seconds. and then immediately afterwards i couldnt stop screaming (at the church parking lot sunday morning btw)

that was like 4 months ago. the fingernail turned completely black, it took about 3 months for it to slowly fall off and now i am with almost a new nail.
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I was messing around in metal shop with a friend who was spinning a sheet press while I tauntingly tried to tap it with my fingers. I was slow and got three or four of them flattened almost cartoonishly. It made a funny grinding sound that matched the sensation in my phalanges, but it surprisingly didn't hurt much.
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Originally Posted by Lowndes View Post
I split my leg open diving for a football on the metal edging surrounding flower beds. It didn't feel very good and is by far the most pain I ever felt. Had about 40 stitches to close it up. This was when I was 12.
Something very similar happened to me around the age of 13. My knee caugt the metal and only got a dozen stitches but same circumstances...

Trauma pain: worst was when I dislocated a shoulder in my sleep - don't know how that happened - but the pain combined with the sudden awakening made these couple of minutes before it came back in place feel like ages

Ilness pain: worst was some crazy flu I caught in Hong Kong when I was 19. It was like a mix of an awful flu and the most acute stomach bug. Was just going back and forth between the bed and the toilet bowl for 3 days straight. I must have lost 10 lbs
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I pulled a muscle in the middle of my back, the pain started at my spine and shot to my lat. It was so sensitive i couldn't bend over to take my socks off. My whole body would lock up and I would involuntarily tear up if i moved to quickly or extended past my small range of motion. It eventually healed after a couple weeks. worst weeks of my life. I had to tough it out and still played 2 or 3 high school baseball games during this time.
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well i treated a 17 year old kid that had his index finger sandwiched between yacht hull and a dock. by the time he was brought to me his coworkers said that he passed out twice due to the pain. the worst part for the kid was that he waited three days and worked through it. tough assed irish kid didn't want to miss work i guess. it was the pressure from the inflammation + fluid (pus and blood) under his nail that was the worst part. when i stabbed it with a blade that shit spurted out he kind of whimpered and started to tear up. he cried because the pain finally cleared up the second the wound drained. i guess localized pain like that can be worse than like getting punched or hit bluntly. i've been hit with a 90mph fastball in the ribs, it hit me clean on the rib (no breaks but a contusion). i guess the pain was so intense that it was separated from my body... like i didn't even really feel it only that i knew that it was really really bad.
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Originally Posted by brlfvr View Post
F**cking kidney stones, period.

Had these. Dull pain for a while, then significant pain. Just when I decide I can't bear it anymore..."Plink, plink" and no more pain.

Broke my arm twice as a kid. Pain wasn't as bad as you'd expect. The body kind of numbs itself, I think. That eventually wore off during the 2 hour wait in the emergency room and the pain became pretty bad. Also, in those days they put you in an immovable cast over your elbow for 6 weeks during which time the elbow joint almost completely freezes up. The pain of rehabbing the elbow was way worse than the pain of breaking the arm.

During my divorce last fall (time of high anxiety and stress) I leaned over the console of my car and popped a rib. OMFG. I had a hard time breathing and could only sleep with Ambien. Took about 4 weeks before the pain went away completely.
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My recent bout with dry socket might be the worst pain I've ever felt (though this may be influenced by the fact that it's so recent). It was what I'd imagine a root canal to feel like sans anesthesia. I've heard it compared to child birth more than once. It hurt worse than when I fell on my thumb, dislocated it, and popped it back in on my own.
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Crashed my motorcycle and broke my collarbone. That was painful once the adrenalin wore off. Taking a shower or changing clothes was awful for the next couple weeks. I've dislocated both my kneecaps separately (still not 100% my left knee from doing it in December) and while those were both bad, they weren't nearly the pain of the collarbone since those both popped back into place on their own.
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