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fat/big guy clothing in the summertime?

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so i've gained some weight in recent years and it ain't pretty.

winter is pretty easy to be large marge, but summer is another story.

do any big guys have tips on what's the best style?


---no t-shirts, i look like hell in them.
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Try to lose the weight.
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Originally Posted by bigbris1 View Post
Try to lose the weight.

come on brah ... you could at least have offered some additional advice beyond just that wicked left jab.

OP - i do agree in working out to make you feel better, which will invariably make you look better. there are a lot of success stories on here depicting that, so hang around and gain inspiration.

with that said, i think for summer, you should go with button down dress shirts instead of polos or tee shirts. just open the first couple buttons and roll up the sleeves. invest in linens and cottons which will be cooler.

also, be very picky with your purchases. avoid online if you can, till you absolutely have your sizing by maker/model nailed down ... or be prepared to invest in a tailor to tweak things to your specification.

there are a lot of bigger guys who post on WAYWRN Part Deux, so i'd suggest you check it out and gather ideas on what works and doesnt work from there.

Keep at it man.
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Most importantly, don't wear shirts that are two big. Often bigger guys, myself included, will wear a shirt that is bigger than they need because they are attempting to hide their belly. This is particularly a problem in the summer because they don't have a sweater to cover things up.

However, those "too big" shirts only make you look fatter than you really are. When you are trying things on, look for something that fits close to the body without being tight. You don't something that is so tight you can see your belly button, but you don't want to look like you are wearing a poncho either.
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If I were pretty fat, I'd just do the whole "prosperous fat guy who's loving life" look - big linen trousers, big silk camp shirt or guayabera, white Gucci loafers, hair slicked back with a pinky ring and some kind of big, blingy watch like a Panerai or Rolex. I mean, you really can't hide fat, so you may as well play it up.

I mean, nobody's laughing at Tony Soprano, right?

The most important thing for someone really heavy is *don't be a slob* - hair nicely styled, always freshly showered, that kind of thing.

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lots of linen, so you sweat less
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Yeah, I'm seconding the button-down look.

I don't know about Tony Soprano -- the people who I think carry weight best are the people who don't obviously think about it either way. So - no conspicuous "slimming" black, no chunky jewelry.

I think that classic menswear is going to accomplish this better than jeans and t-shirts; all the casual stuff we wear now is descended from workwear, sportswear, and underwear, and none of that is going to flatter someone heavy. Wear slightly more structured pants and shirts to add angularity and strength to your look, favor lightweight fabrics (+1 to the people who recommended linen, and seersucker could work as well) to keep down sweating, and ground it with loafers or tasteful canvas shoes - no flip flops.

Grace and elegance are the key here. Be comfortable in your body, even as you try to change it with exercise. Pay attention to the paunchy old men around you, and see which ones pull off the weight. Just because you've gained some weight doesn't mean you have to look bad.
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Originally Posted by niidawg3 View Post
come on brah ... you could at least have offered some additional advice beyond just that wicked left jab.
Nah man, the wicked left jab would have been, "Sweat, suits. GLAD, bags..." My answer was short but unless the OP has some sort of debilitation hindering weight loss my advice in this situation will always be to try losing the weight. For health reasons first, of course. I would never suggest someone embrace their inner Rick Ross. Besides, I ascertained from his post that he wasn't too happy with the weight gain.
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Seconding the gym shorts. Get some of them, go exercise,and come back next spring to ask us what an athletic guy should wear.
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weight loss is a hard thing to do, but really the hardest part is the first couple weeks. I am down 25 pounds from my peak about 6 months ago (235lb down to 210), and it was not that hard to do. I just paid attention to what I was eating. less cheeseburgers, more turkey sandwiches. more soup. I'm not even working out. drink less. I think for most overweight people, weight loss will come primarily from changes in dietary habits and not from working out. which is good news, b/c eating different stuff is a lot easier than working out working out is great of course, but I think it's a lot easier to reduce a 2500 calorie diet down to 1700 than it is to burn 800 calories working out. that will take, I dunno, at least an hour a day.
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Fit and grooming help, of course. The style of the shirt is, ahem, hugely important. Button-front is the best option, though a polo shirt with a contrasting for example can be flattering. Generally, a look that is interesting without saying, Look at my shirt (and therefore, Study my excesses), hides the most weight. (the khaki is compatible with more complexions)
Many of the other shirts in the category are examples of what not to wear. Also, any wardrobe should have solids, but avoid plain white for warm weather.
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Fat guy in a little coat................
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