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Hairpiece adhesives

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I was wondering what adhesives people are using for their hairpieces; assuming there are others on this forum also wearing a “rug”. I have a Swiss brand double sided tape with a silk backing that seems to give a pretty good hold without being uncomfortable, although it only seems to have a lifespan of about 5 hours. I know there are quite a few products on the market but I haven’t had a chance to try them all. Any personal recommendations would be appreciated.
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Have you tried Topstick?
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Rugfix Premium.
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i secure mine with thumbtacks
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Yes Stach, early on I used Topstick but found it both itchy and its adhesive properties not long lasting. As for the other sarcastic comments; while they were expected I thought they would be both more creative in their cruelty--better luck next time guys.
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Slightly off topic: I've seen where men have had "snaps" surgically placed underneath the skin to which they "snap" the hairpiece.

Back on topic (sort of) - Just curious, why a hairpiece? Very short haircuts or at least a well groomed head of hair always looks good. Wearing a hairpiece walks very close to the edge of being noticeable. I've only ever known one person who got away with wearing a hairpeice w/o being noticed.

No need to respond if question is too personal.
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I have the same question as TCK...

I find hairpieces to be generally off-putting. I was looking at the attractiveness thread where you stated that you would consider plugs and while I suppose that may be an option, I see no reason why any man who is losing his hair would not just embrace it and either go all the way by shaving his head or go with a very short haircut.

From what I understand, women tend to be more attracted to those men who are confident enough to embrace their hairloss than to those who try and disguise it.
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I know a guy who used to wear a hairpiece -- it was pretty obvious, but he never mentioned it, so no one he knew ever did either, including his girlfriend. At some point after they got married, he suddenly stopped wearing it, and he was so much better-looking without it.

Ted Danson, I think, looks very distinguished sans hairpiece. Different, but quite handsome still -- arguably more so. Actually, he looks like a better looking version of Michael Milken without the hairpiece.

For what it's worth...
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I don’t mind the question and will try my best to answer. Being overweight I think that a shaved head would actually make me appear more portly. I feel that when I wear my hairpiece, which was custom made and is an exact match of my natural hair color, it’s as if I’m wearing suit of armor; similar to how I have heard some men describe the confidence they feel when wearing a bespoke garment; I guess the two are not so dissimilar in certain respects.

Margaret, I cannot agree with you about Ted Danson. I think without his hairpiece he basically looks like a monk who has been on a retreat and away from a pair of shears for a few months, unfortunatly I don't think the shape of his head would look good shaved either.
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