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Rapini or baby bokchoy. Maybe dino kale. I like leaves.
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Lima beans.
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gross well at least you didn't say navy beans.
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Koukkia (fava beans). EIther dried as foul medammas or green with vinegar! Yum!
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Tomato is a fruit in the botanical sense but is a vegetable in the culinary sense. Squash is the same way. Not all beer is vegetarian. See isinglass. I am fond of asparagus.
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Asparagus, fiddlehead fern, arugula, fresh baby corn (not from can), bamboo shoot, pea shoot, baby bok choy, Japanese eggplant (slender not those big fat round ones), tomato, all sorts of mushrooms, fungus and truffles.
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Whatever sauropods went for.
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[quote=VersaceMan]Fresh potato leek soup can be great.


Marguerite Duras would agree with you.
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