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Did I waste my money on these shoes?

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I was pretty excited scoring a pair of AE Park Avenues on eBay for about $100 shipped, but they seem to be factory rejects:

Note the damage on the welt

Also, the stitching on top of the welt near the toe of the shoe isn't centered.

Now I notice that other shoe also has a crack in the welt near the toe. They aren't easily noticeable, but knowing it's there really bothers me. Is this something AE recrafting can fix?
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AE sells seconds for more than you paid, so I think you did fine. (Park Avenues, in particular, are hard to find on discount.) I'd hit the spot in the first pic with some edge dressing and forget about it. You could have the recrafted/resoled, but that's going to eat up a lot of your savings.
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That's all I get is their rejects. That ding is fine. Nothing i wouldn't do trippin' over some random object. Take Doc's suggestion and you are good to go. Wear them out and send them in for AE's re-crafting program and you'll be ahead on the deal.
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Honestly, if the seller didn't tell you they were, you should let them know your disappointment.
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It seems like a lot pay for imperfect shoes. Are the problems totally of aesthetic concerns, or is it also problems of wearability?
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Thanks all. Having recently bought a pair of Drydens for more than double, I guess it isn't that bad a deal. I just would have preferred that the seller be honest. I didn't really need them that badly, and had I known, I probably wouldn't have bid as much as I did. Another thing is that the shoes only came with one shoelace. I know laces cost next to nothig, but that's another think you'd think a seller would be making potential buyers aware of.

jovan - I'll definitely be letting the seller know.

kitonbrioni - definitely more aesthetic concern as opposed to wearability. I probably wouldn't have cared before, but ever since I've discovered this forum, I've found myself paying more attention to detail...<sigh>
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I assume they were sold as new? If so, the seller should have mentioned something - but still, you got one of the most popular AE models, one which is hard to find at any reasonable discount, for $200 off.

If the seller advertised them as gently worn, I wouldn't complain at all. Used shoes are expected to have some sort of wear/minor scrapes anyway, so its not a huge deal.
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