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Originally Posted by RJman
which is in an elegant, kenpollock-worthy part of Paris.


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Cardin's vision was as luminous as any other so-called Futurist designer such as Andre Courreges, and Paco Rabbane all of whom apparently possess bizzare licensing deals in Japan, naturally, and both of whom have now been revamped. This revamp must be in finances only because like Cardin, all of the stuff coming out of the houses are really metallic campy items with the hyperbolic bubbly legacy look, that I can only imagine Peggy Moffitt buying in boatloads to take back to L.A. along with Biba eyeshadow from the Duty Free. As for YSL Rive Gauche and Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent himself eschewed an appearance at Ford's premiere show, ahd instead showed up at the Slimane for Dior Homme show. He found Ford vulgar, and commercial, which in its latter nature is ironic. Maybe Pierre Berge is the Millie to Saint Laurent's Pinky.
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I have a soft spot for early Cardin, particularly the more pleasantly looney stuff, and I'm always saddened to see the type of thing that now bears his name. His career deserves further reassessment, but it's hard to put a luster on something that is still being tarnished.

Great post, btw, RJman.
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I remember reading recently something about a hitch Rabanne hit -- some sort of change in the revamp.

Anyone interested in a very good corporate law/business take on fashion could do worse than reading the excellent House of Gucci (not to be confused with House of Boateng or House of Negrila), which is incredibly gripping and describes a family more lurid than those imagined by the late Aaron Spelling.

Starting with Burberry and Gucci in the late 1990s there have been a spate of revamps and reluanches, some successful (the aforementioned as well as Dior, Vuitton, Diane von Furstenburg, Lacoste, Tretorn) and others a bit less so or a bit more troubled (Dunhill, Gieves, Hardy Amies, Rabanne, Blades, Daks, Austin Reed, Aquascutum (jury still out), Church's...Brooks Brothers...).
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One can't forget Pierre Balmain with Oscar de la Renta at its helm. And Jacques Fath was revamped a while ago with Lizzie Disney as head.
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