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Santoni Cordovan Q w/pics

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I purchsed a penny loafer from Nordstrom rack today which is from the Santoni fate a mano line.
The leather is genuine cordovan in a dark brown. The sock is also of the same material as the upper (dark bown cordovan) with a closed channel goodyear welted sole.
I have never seen this type of Santoni before, does anyone else have experience with cordovan Santoni and what would be the retail price on this shoe


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The Santoni Fatte a Mano stuff is pure garbage. It's probably worth about $100 and since it seems we are the same size, I'll give you $150 for them so that you don't feel bad about yourself for buying them.
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fatte a mano start at around $700 and i have seen them for around $1300
so these shoes must be around that price, but being cordovan, the price may be more.
Will sell it for $500
Size is 9D (seem to run small)
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Thanks, I'm sure you kno I was kidding. Santoni Fatte a Mano's are awesome shoes. Interesting that you say they run small as I always found them to run big. I'm a 10.5 and a 9.5 Santoni fits me well. A small 9 would be just a tad bit too small.
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Any info on these shoe, the website has no info, is this an older model that has been discontinued or is it a new model????
Has anyone come across cordovan Santoni's before
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I had once seen a pair of norwegain (dover like toe) cordovan FAMs. I may not be absolutely right but I think they were over a $1000. I am surprised that your size 9s are small. Like edmorel, I wear about a 10.5 and the one pair of FAM loafers is a little generous on my feet while being marked 9.5!

What is the length etc?
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sole length is 11 3/4 in and the sole width is tad under 4.5 in.
maybe this is a mismarked pair-the reason for ending up in nordstroms rack
the welt is somewhat wide so teh actual internal measurements maybe be smaller than the above measurements
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