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Back to the original tie:

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Originally Posted by 16520Man
I folded

I don't care for folded silk squares, I prefer them stuffed of poofed.
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I like the blue tie and the first tie. Solid shirt looks alot better.
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I definitely agree that the solid shirt looks better. I prefer to not mix three patterns (jacket/suit, shirt, and tie) and normally go with two patterns and one solid.

I like every piece you have shown singly, but none seem to be working well together in the combinations shown. I like the first tie, but it seems that the pattern is a bit close in scale to the houndstooth in the jacket. The paisley is a bit busy for the houndstooth and the waterdrop pattern seems a bit too modern for the traditional look of the houndstooth pattern. I think a solid tie with some texture or a stripe of some sort (preferably larger in scale than the jacket pattern) would work quite nicely.
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If the paisley tie has a wider pattern, it would be ace. No really a fan of all the outfits so far, although the houndstooth jacket is lovely.
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I like the first one, except that I don't think the brown tie works with the check of the jacket - is it a navy check, or a black check?

Would you have a solid twill royal blue tie?

If you perhaps took a photograph of your favorite ties in a pile, we could narrow it down more quickly.
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Pink tie blue square
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Solid white shirts should be used sparingly, especially casually. Get some blue in there, either in a check or a stripe, or a solid but interesting blue shirt and you'll be golden.
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My favorite is the paisley.
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I like the last shown picture the best. I think when you're actually wearing the suit and the knot/collar is accentuated, and the houndstooth doesn't stand out as much, due to normal distance, I think it would be pretty smashing.
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I'm not a fan of the white shirt with this coat. I'd probably go with a solid blue (royal oxford w/ spread collar)
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I think I'll go with the last combo, but here's my current rotation of ties:

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