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Ambulance Chaser, how old are your Bally's and what kind of shoes are they?  
My size 10 shoe is the Capim model (featured in the February 2002 issue of GQ as item #25 on the 25 must-haves for Spring).  It is a black, two-eyelet, plain-toe blucher with a long vamp.  It looks like an elf shoe when not worn on the foot.  I bought it last year.  My size 9.5 shoe is the Talabes model.  It is a black, five-eyelet, wholecut shoe.  I bought it a few weeks ago.  I spent under $200 (before tax) for each pair. In my experience, Bally has significant sales (30-50% off) every so often.  You might want to stop by your particular boutique whenever you're passing by.
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Funny, I actually bought a pair of the more chiseled looking oxfords a couple weeks ago and am wearing them today for the first time.   The seller is definitely reputable although the shoes did take ~2 weeks to arrive in california (apparently due to the shipping time from Argentina), he did throw in a pair of socks which I thought was a nice touch. The impression I got was that the seller actually worked at or had a relationship with bally's argentinian licensee and was selling a few discontinued models. To be honest, I was slightly disappointed at the quality of the shoe. Don't get me wrong, they look absolutely great and I got 2-3 compliments on them at work this morning (i thought they are a little narrower in person and almost look like the berluti club model). However the build quality left a little to be desired, I'd say slightly less durable feeling than the Ferragamo studio line and not what you'd expect with a premium quality shoe.  I think my major complaint is the general quality of the leather.  It is pretty thin and prone to creasing.  Also, the laces also left impressions in the leather when I was lacing the shoe which I thought was a little uncommon.  I'm not really a shoe expert and these are only my 3rd or 4th pair of actual leather soled dress shoes, but the shoes just don't feel very sturdy I doubt these shoes will last a lifetime, but I'm sure I'll enjoy them for a couple of years, and for the $99 I spent, I can't really expect too much more.  I probably would buy them again however, because they do look phenomenal On a side note, the 2 other pairs of bally shoes I have (I think they were made in the US, but they don't have a sewn on tag) felt a like they were a bit better quality. Bally Shoes Hope this helps Edit: The shoes also run very true to size. I'm an 11 with almost every shoe known to man (ferragamo...) and the 11's I bought fit perfectly
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That was the impression I had too, but I couldn't remember why so I didn't mention it before. I think the Bally's that particular seller deals with are locally produced.
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Just to add my 2 cents.  I bought a pair of Bally, label stiched, black oxford loafers at a store closing in the Stanford Mall circa Spring 2001.  I also own a chocolate brown monkstrap with the stamped logo that I bought in Summer of 2002.  Honestly, I haven't worn the monkstrap much.  I have, however, worn the stiched label oxfords for most of my casual and semi-formal events the past three years.  They are holding up fine. IMHO, Bally are on par with the Ferragamo signature line in terms of styling, but favor a softer leather a la Bruno Magli.  I also stopped by the Mad. Ave. location today after work, and checked out their sale.  There are A LOT of models on sale right now--many marked up to 50% off.  Ultimately, I purchased a belated Xmas gift for my mom--small leather hand goods were also 50% off. Oh, and the new Bally scribes? Decent construction, but obscenely wide. And one last tidbit, before I headed to GC station, I ducked into Paul Stuart and perused their sale.  HUGE STORE... their markdowns weren't very impressive though.  The Stuart Choice shoes were a decent value and were marked down to 350ish... (I'd rather have Greens for that price.)
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norcaltransplant, where are you buying Greens for $350?
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Around this time last year, Oxxford was discontinuing its stock of EG. Everything was on sale for $350. I picked up a pair of black Malverns in an odd size (202 7.5D), which fit my feet like a second skin.
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Around this time last year, Oxxford was discontinuing its stock of EG.  Everything was on sale for $350.  I picked up a pair of black Malverns in an odd size (202 7.5D), which fit my feet like a second skin.
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