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Spruce Hoodies Any size/color

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Hey guys,

I am making a run this weekend to a store that has spruce hoodies, I know there were some talks about people not being able to get a hold of them. So, if anyone is interested send me a PM.

I know they have it in black, white, purple and grey in the slim fit and classic fit.
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/me registers mild interest --Wade_
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how much are they there?
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160 for either the grey classic fit any size or the white slim fit any size
145 for either a black classic fit medium or a grey mediu slim fit
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Got any measurements? I'm interested, but I need to know if I have to size up/down depending on slim vs. classic fit.

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This is the best I can do for measurements, you can go on and search spruce hoody and they have some measurements too
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Do they just have the terry ones?

Or do they have these ones?
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I can get the purple, white and black one seen here but (WITH SLEEVES)

And the grey one is NOT the tiger fleece like you linked too. It is a heather grey and it has darker grey verticle pinstripes. It is probably the one I am going to get for myself.
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Do you have any pics of the tiger fleece ones?
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But, don't get to exited because I can't get these anymore. They had the green and blue one in only mediums and they have been spoen for.

Let me know if you want the other 4 colors
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Damn, my size too... oh well. Thanks for the offers though.
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*IMPORTANT* Last Call!! Last call on Spruce sweatshirts, I can get Grey pinstripe, Black, White and purple all slim fit for 163 plus tax/shipping. I can also get the spruce mock turtle neck/track jackets in black any size Special: I can get one discounted Black Medium for 145 if someone wants it, please send all inquiries in email to
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there:s a bunch in japan and they:re marked down so its reasonable for me to buy them for people. not sure what the stock is like in osaka but in tokyo there:s a bunch. i:ll update you guys later. d
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Alright guys, I have made half of my spruce pick-ups and while I was there I found a lot more great spruce and wings and horn stuff for sale (details below)

4 hoodies

Spruce vneck t-shirt

Now the good part, what I can now get my hands on.
Black classic fit - small - 140
Grey classic fit - small - 140
White pullover - 1 small, 1 medium, 1 xl - 130
Crew sweater black - 1 small and 1 medium - 130
Crew neck sweater white - 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large - 130

Spruce T-shirts (all vneck)- 46 dollars
Grey/black sriped tee - 1 small and 1 medium
Green/green striped tee - 1 medium and 1 large
Plain V-neck tee's BLACK/WHITE/GREEN - 3 small, 3 medium, 2 large, 3 xl

Wings and Horn tee's - 60 dollars
Insideout stripe tee yellow/green - 1 large and 1 xl
Insideout stripe tee white/yellow - 1 large
Insideout stripe tee white/black - 1 large and 1 xl

Jeans and Misc.
Dark Denim Jeans - 165
Sizes available: 30,32,34,36

Indigo Denim - 160
Sizes available: 30,32,34,36

Wings and Horn gingham button down shirts gren/blue - 100
2 small, 2 medium, 2 large, 2 xl
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geeess i join the thread late and miss your call for the hoodie. Are there anything left? can you share the store where you pick up these great stuffs? thanks.
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