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You're all making me feel ostentatious! That said, I'm not much of an internet shopper, I like the certainty of trying stuff on. And I'd rather one perfect shirt than two I only half-like.

Dress shirts - About $200, for the perfect white shirt.
Dress pants - I typically buy suits.
Chinos/khakis - Not my style. But, perhaps $150 for linen summer pants.
Sportcoat/Blazer - Again, not my style. I spent perhaps $250 on a leather jacket on sale, I'd have gone higher though!
Suit - The cornerstone of my professional and evening wardrobes. $900 for Zegna, again, would probably go higher. My size is hard to get.
Dress shoes - Have spent $300ish, might go a little higher.
Casual shoes - I want some really nice chelsea boots, so whatever it takes.
Sneakers - $50ish for Converse, generally. I have some La Coq Sportif fencing shoes that ran $90 and are pretty sweet.
Jeans - Ideally, no more than $150.
T shirts - Used to spend too much in my streetwear phase. Now, $30?
Casual jacket - See above.
Hoodies - Never.
Socks - Can always be had on sale. $10.
Ties - $60 on a Gucci and $80 on a really sweet Leonard (with DUCKS on it!)
Cufflinks - About $100 on a silver/Mother of Pearl pair that go with everything and are virtually all I wear.
Boxers/underwear - $5 for grey-market CKs from a Chinese variety store.
Razor - Gillette Sensor.
Shaving cream - $20ish for a half-year supply.
Watches - Don't wear one at present. Ideally less than a grand.
Fragrances - $100ish. I like nice scents.
Facial cleansery type things - $20ish.
Haircut - $50ish.
Gym/fitness membership - I settle for walking, and I have a home weights machine and exercise bike.

Well there we go. Any marketeers out there can use this very small sample to better target us for the latest tie-lock type widget...
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What an interesting post! All prices in parenthesis are those I have spent, and the second figure is how much I would spend. All prices are in USD.

Dress shirts - (375) 800
Dress pants - Currently I don't own any dress trousers, outside of the trousers that I have with my suits.
Chinos/khakis - (65) 150
Sportcoat/Blazer - Currently I don't own any sportcoats or blazers.
Suit - (850) 10,000
Dress shoes - (215) 2,000
Casual shoes - (300) 350
Sneakers - Currently, I don't own any sneakers.
Jeans - (200) 350
T shirts - (30) 50
Casual jacket - (150) 400
Hoodies - Currently, I don't own any hoodies.
Socks - (20) 50
Ties - (100) 250
Cufflinks - (100) 1,200
Boxers/underwear - (20) 50
Razor - The going rate for Mach 3.
Shaving cream - The going rate for Neutrogena.
Watches - (200) 50,000
Fragrances - n/a
Facial cleansery type things - The going rate for Neutrogena.
Haircut - (30) 50
Gym/fitness membership - n/a
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I suppose Ill go w the max I would spend.

Dress shirts: $75 (OTR) $140 (Bespoke)
Dress pants: $100
Chinos/khakis: $50
Sportcoat/Blazer: $400
Suit: $700 (OTR) $5000 (Bespoke)
Dress shoes: $400
Casual shoes: $75
Sneakers: $90
Jeans: $80
T shirts: Whats on sale
Casual jacket: $250
Hoodies: $40
Socks: Whats on sale
Ties: $120
Cufflinks: $30
Boxers/underwear: Whats on sale
Razor: $100
Shaving cream: $10
Watches: $3000
Fragrances: $0
Facial cleansery type things: $20
Haircut: $30
Gym/fitness membership: $65 per month
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Oh well, I'll toss off a few of these:

Shirt: $85
Dress Pants: $130
Chinos/Khakis: $50
Sport Coat/Blazer: $750
Suit: $1,000
Dress Shoes: $200
Casual Shoes: $100
Socks: $15
Razor: $50
Watches: $300
Shaving Soap: $10
Haircut: $50

These are either maximum amounts spent or that I would spend before my sales resistance kicked in big time. I positively loathe jeans, sneakers, hoodies, T-shirts and some of the other items mentioned.
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Okay, I'll bite. Figures quoted are the average and (maximum I've ever spent).

Dress shirts $45 - Jantzen ($375)
Dress pants $90 ($350)
Chinos/khakis $40 - ($170)
Overcoats $500 - 2 pure cashmere Zegna at NM Last Call
Sportcoat/Blazer $200 ($800)
Suit $350 ($2k)
Dress shoes $200 ($850)
Casual shoes $200 ($500)
Sneakers $25 ($60)
Boots $200 ($450)
Jeans $20 (strictly yard/house work wear)
T shirts $0 - what ever is free at the conferences I attend every year to wear with jeans while mowing/painting/whatever
Casual jacket $150
Socks $15 ($65)
Ties $50 ($400)
Cufflinks $25 ($800 - 18kt white gold and onyx studs/links)
Boxers/underwear $5
Razor $30 for 16 Mach III's at Costco
Shaving cream $7
Watches $2.5k - have 2, unlikely to increase in number
Fragrances $450 - Creed is addictive
Facial cleansery type things $5 - Nordstrom Rack always has something appropriate at this price point
Haircut $0 - not much to cut
Gym/fitness membership $0 - I've got 2 Great Danes to wear out at least twice a day :-)
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Originally Posted by TomW
Fragrances $450 - Creed is addictive

I had no idea one could even buy fragrances that cost $450.
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Originally Posted by LabelKing
What is this $400 tee-shirt?

Versace T I bought back in the day when I knew nothing about real clothes.....

Sickens me to think that I could have a nice pair of AE's for less than I paid for a t shirt that I now use to sleep in

live and learn

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Creed ain't cheap, even on Canal st.
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday
I had no idea one could even buy fragrances that cost $450.
Creed has a so-called Private Collection, which is a small line comprised of various custom scents made for past clients such as Marlene Dietrich and Cary Grant. That line is especially expensive. Then one also has the now rather-gauche Clive Christian which touts itself as the world's most expensive perfume, with a diamond tipped flacon to match.
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for those of you willing to spend around $150 for a shirt....are you buying shirts that retail for that price-- or are you paying $150 for a $300+ shirt from Ian Daniels, honest*goods, and ?

Just curious, as I have been willing to spend more than my proposed budget IF I am getting far more "buying power" by purchasing items at an excellent discount. As I don't have time to shop the actual store locations for sales, etc. online selles (like those mentioned above) are really great resources for me.

cases in point-- most recent purchases:

+ 3 button solid grey Brioni suit, new with tags (still has pricetag of $3900 attached), bought for $999

+ John Lobb shoes (by the way, check out the pix of this shoe on the site, under prestige line --> Sutton) for around $750
yeah, i know this is a lot of dough to drop on dress shoes, but keep in mind this is a current model that retails for about $1200
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Originally Posted by kitonbrioni
Creed ain't cheap, even on Canal st.

Creed can be had for around 40% off at online dealers.
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Dress shirts $100 OTR, $200 custom
Dress pants $150
Chinos/khakis $150
Sportcoat/Blazer $500
Suit $2500
Dress shoes $600
Casual shoes $200
Sneakers $150
Jeans $500
T shirts $20
Casual jacket $400
Hoodies $100
Socks $10
Ties $100
Cufflinks $300
Boxers/underwear $10
Razor $20
Shaving cream $10
Watches unlimited
Fragrances $100
Facial cleansery type things $30
Haircut $75
Gym/fitness membership 75 / month
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casual l/s shirts:$200
dress shirts:$350
suit(top to bottom):$4000
track jacket:$250
casual belts:$70
dress belts:$100
facial care:$80
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