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Entry-level custom tailoring?

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I'm looking for "entry-level" custom tailoring, meaning that I don't really need quality fabric or necessarily top-notch construction. I want a slim-fitting sport jacket and trousers the styling of which would prevent me from wearing them to a (future) work place anyway, so longevity is not my primary concern.

I just got a Raf Simons jacket from Yoox and I like its overall fit very much, but the shoulder caps are somewhat off and sleeves are too long, unfortunately, with working buttonholes on them. Considering the obscene price (for a college student anyway) I paid, well above $500, not including a possible sleeve alteration from the shoulders, I'm thinking I may fare better by going to a tailor. What would be a reasonable expectation if one's budget is around $500 for a sport jacket? I live in Seattle, if anyone has any recommendation.

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You could probably do the online tailoring thing, though a lot will turn their noses up at the idea of it. I have seen nice things and plan to order
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I think that it will be a little tough at your price level, and it is more likely that you will have to spend more than $500.

At your price level the best bets are:

1. One of the visiting Hong Kong tailors, such as WW Chan, Takly, etc.

2. Coppley MTM;

3. Brooks Bros. which often runs sales and promotions;

4. A visit to LS Clothes or Mr. Ned if you're in NYC; or

5. A local tailor.

Good luck!
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You would be surprised at how many good tailors and seamstresses there are just waiting to be discovered out there. These people may not necessarily have a big shop but may work from home.

Why don't you try your local habedashery or sewing shop. They normally have a collection of contact numbers for people willing and able to make a bespoke jacket that is perfectly tailored to suit you. They will also be able to make alterations for you.

As they don't have such huge overheads to pay as they are working from home, you'll definately be able to find someone within your price range. Just because someone isn't well known and doesn't charge as much may not mean they aren't the best at what they do.
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