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Jeans recommendation for body type

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I am going upscale jeans shopping this weekend in Philadelphia/King of Prussia and would like to get some SF recommendations for my body type. I'm 5'8" with a 42 chest, 33 waist and 29" inseam, which makes me kind of short-legged. I have been a bicyclist for years and, as a result, have large thighs and posterior. As an example, if I get 501s I actually have to buy 36s just to get my legs in there. If I get 34s, I have to commit to never, ever washing them. Low rise jeans are out of the question as they make me look squat. Any thoughts?


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This is not an uncommon subject, actually. I'm not sure if you'll find Rag&Bones in Philly... but RB1s are comfortably loose around the thighs, but still have a really nice fit.
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Unless something has changed drastically in the past year or so, King of Prussia is slim pickings for premium denim (assuming that's what you're looking for). Other members can speak to the variety of wares in Philly proper.

A few stores (Nordstrom? Bloomingdales?) will likely have Paper Denim jeans, which have a nice, democratic fit but tend to be noticeably bootcut, which may not be good.

The diesel store (assuming it's still there) may have the widest variety of jeans to compare side-by-side. Something classic like the Kratt might work.

There's a Nieman Marcus there, but I'm uncertain what they're carrying--they'll have some jeans from non-denim companies (Zegna, etc.) which might work well in this situation, but won't endear you to denimheads.

Good luck!
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Thanks, all. I think I'll wind up at Matthew Izzo in the city for the R&Bs.

Neiman carries D&G, Etro, Just Cavalli, but none on the Top Ten list.

Shoreman, nice avatar. You Have Killed Me.
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I'm pretty sure Matthew Izzo doesn't carry Rag&Bone. I haven't dropped in on them in a couple months, but last time it was all Nudie/Acne/Hudson, with a little JP Da'mage and Saltworks thrown in for variety. If they're carrying Rag&Bone I'll go TOMORROW, but I seriously doubt they are. Denimdestroyedmylife has probably been there a little more recently than I have, and could tell you better.

Unfortunately, except for the Nudies at Izzo, Philly has a serious dearth of good denim. The Rag&Bone website will tell you that the Ubiq on Walnut, right near the Diesel store, carries their stuff, but they don't. They haven't for a long time.

As for jeans for your body type, they'll probably be pretty slim on your legs, but if you're going to be at Matthew Izzo you might as well try the Nudie Regular Ralfs.
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Rag and Bone from Active Endeavors or DB mail-order..
Energie (I don't see much mention of them here but I liked my first pair, first pair of 'premium' denim I ever bought, actually)

I have the posterior issue as well.. I have a slight moose knuckle in the RB6s I just bought, hopefully that will stretch out a bit after wear..
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I would suggest APC rescues (Called straight in their website). They are raw & sanfordized so you shouldn't expect too much shrinkage. If you buy 36 in 501 I would suggest getting 34 or 35 in Resccues, and since they're very long you should have them hemmed.

I personally like my pair of APCs a lot.

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I like APC as well, and the Rescues may work for you, but I feel compelled to point out that (Philly menswear being lame as it is) if you want to try them on, you're out of luck in Philly. I don't think there's a single APC stockist here.
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Active Endeavours has a 25% off coupon until the 9th, so if you're interested in R&B, jump on it :P
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Ditto RB1, and Reg Ralfs. PDC (and any washed jeans) are crap for us short-leggers.
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try Diesels, they're a good pair of jeans in a variety of cuts. you can try them on to your heart's content and figure out which looks best. EDIT: that is, in addition to all the brands mentioned above. APC gets my vote too, as does Rag&Bone. btw, Nathan Bogle's left R&B!
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Originally Posted by tweedlesinpink
btw, Nathan Bogle's left R&B!

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Thanks, everyone; I chose the RB1s in the 34 waist. Here they are, pre-hem, straight out of the Active Endeavors package:
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