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Originally Posted by skalogre
I still intend to although I must say that the recent spate of increased order problems & dissatisfaction has made me less confident.
My thoughts exactly. I'm not quite sure now.
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I have about 27 Jantzen shirts, so as you can see I am very pleased. Customer service has always been great. Ricky has treated me right. The measurements are not always consistently spot on, but that is not a big issue for me, because of the price. They all fit just fine, even with the inconsistency in the measurements.

For me I see them as a great value for daily workhorse wear. At the priceI can wear the hell out of them for a couple of years and then anything beyond that is a bonus. I can't afford to wear Borrelli and Kabbaz and Barba every day. That's reality. But for this price I can do a hell of a lot better than my local Marshalls.
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I think the reason we're seeing a disparity in customer service experiences is that upon receiving an order from a new customer, Ricky's first step is to review SF's photo threads in an effort to assess the physical attractiveness of the customer. "Studies have shown" that people who lack conventional facial attractiveness report significantly lower levels of customer satisfaction from overseas MTO vendors.
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Originally Posted by lawyerdad

Damn, now that you mention it Margaret, the one thing that changed between my first two orders (shirts received) and my more recent order (shirts in limbo somewhere) is I posted my pic on this forum. I should have known better.
Any of you Adonis-like members mind if borrow your visual identity for a bit?

Why do you think I hide behind my kid's mug?
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