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Blazer with jeans?

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Would any of you wear a Blazer with jeans? I was just wondering what the general thought on this one is. If yes where would you wear it?
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I've done that many times, though always in the same way. I basically "borrowed" (OK, stole) the idea from the pages of GQ- if you're a loyal reader, you've probably seen a number of instances in which various people- especially designers, like Tom Ford, Helmut Lang, Hedi Slimane, etc.- wear that look. I thought it looked great, so I use it now and then. Like them, I wear a black blazer over a white button-down, french-cuff dress shirt, open at the neck. I wear that over my favorite pair of Diesel jeans, with Kenneth Cole ankle boots. The look is actually more versatile than you might think. It can be worn to all sorts of dinners and parties (not real formal, of course), to go shopping downtown, on dates, etc. Looks very stylish and cool, but not too fussy or formal.
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That GQ story was "4 Cheers for Our Avant-Garde" from the September 2001 issue (page 304) and featured pics of and comments from Hedi Slimane, Marc Jacobs, Helmut Lang, and Tom Ford. They all look pretty cool in their blazer, white shirt, and jeans combos but (as others have noted) their comments are almost all hilariously affected. Check it out if you can - as they show, it's a great look and is eye-catching. I personally might wear it to a party or an evening out with friends, but not anywhere that required me to wear an actual suit or formal wear.
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