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Thanks thats a great ideas but I have two questions:

1) How many Flat Front Trousers?

2) How many Jeans to start with?
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Do you look good in FF trousers? Really good? If so, buy all your dress trousers (I think you are looking for 3) in FF. I like FF khakis as well. But it is a matter of taste. When I was college, it was straight FF. Now I havea decent number of pleated pieces. I'd get just two pairs of jeans -- a light/mid wash (Paper Denim Cloth, Nudie or, to save money, JP D'Amage or 7 for all Mankind - buy in an actual store to avoid fakes) and a raw selvedge/dark pair (APC New Standards or Rescues). But I am far from the expert on this. You might ask someone to mule you some Uniqlo jeans for cheap... Post questions on Streetwear.
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Originally Posted by Duveen
Only other advice/question would be -- do you think you'll really be using that tailored clothing (suit, blazer) very much?

Think about staggering your purchases by order of most urgent need:
Phase I
- Underwear/socks as you have it
- Basic trousers/shorts first (as you state - again, maybe 2 jeans @ $150+ each and the rest the same)
- Tops (polos, button up casual shirts, t-shirts, 1 white dress shirt, 2 ties)
- Casual shoes, sneakers, flip flops, belts, etc
- Windbreaker
- Blazer (a nice one, please! - no Macy's/Dillards/Belks, etc)

Then, phase II (in order of need)
- Dress shirts - remaining shirts, ties
- Leather jacket (if you decide you really need it)
- Dress shoes (likely can wait at least a few months on these - get a deal on a classic pair of Allen Edmonds...)
- Suit (save up and buy quality)

This way you space out your $ spent and think about what you want and look for a deal on the most expensive items (suit, shoes, leather jacket).

Good luck!

Seriously, that is as far as I would go buying now. You will find that college fashion tends not to correspond to real-world fashion, and quantity (come laundry time) will be your friend. A few staples in terms of dress clothes (i.e. suit, shirt, tie, shoes) are important, but in terms of everything else, I understand your desire to make an impression, but you may find that what you buy now may not be what you want to wear in a few months.

I have to believe that the clothes you descibe yourself as currently wearing, cargo shorts, jeans, hoodies, etc will be exactly what everyone else is wearing.

While the type of clothes you describe is probably right on the money, it is a question of style and what you buy in your home-town now might not be what you are comfortable wearing day to day. Plus bear in mind that if you end up spending your leisure time at dance clubs, etc. you will want to dress the part (to some extent), on the other hand if you end up spending most of your time standing around a keg in someone's backyard or basement, those club clothes will look way out of place.

Best advice - patience. You will have plenty of time to blow your $.
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As others have stated, definitely wait until you get to school before you blow a ton of cash on clothes that you may or may not wear. Depending on where you live in Florida, you may be wearing shorts 90% of the time until September.

I think you'd be safe buying a nice blue blazer, some charcoal dress pants, a white dress shirt, a blue dress shirt, and two or three ties that you can mix and match. You probably won't wear them much (unless you happen to pledge a fraternity), but it's good to have some dress clothes on hand when the need arises. Also, be a step above most college guys and have your shirts laundered at the dry cleaner after each wearing and keep your dress pants pressed. Nothing says "lazy college kid" quite like a blue blazer, khakis, and a dress shirt that looks like it was dragged out of the bottom of your closet.

As for underwear, undershirts, and socks--this is an area where you can save some money. Buy those items at a discount store (TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and the like). There's no need to pay retail for these items.

Otherwise, I'd buy some basic t's and polo-style shirts for now. You can probably get by with a pair or two of flip-flops, a pair of athletic shoes, a pair of casual shoes, and a pair of dress shoes.

I'd worry about jackets later. Two great pairs of jeans (one dark wash, one lighter wash); have a stylish female friend go with you when jeans shopping-- ask her to be objective. Jeans that look great on one person my fit you horribly.

Once you get to school and see what others are wearing, you'll have a much better idea of the look you want.
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14 Socks
14 Boxers
14 Undershirts

02 Ties
01 Black Dress Belt
01 Brown Casual Belt

02 pair of Flip Flops
01 pair of Atheltic Shoes
01 pair of Black Dress Shoes
01 pair of Brown Casual Shoes

01 Navy Blazer

02 Button Up Dress Shirts
05 Polo Shirts
07 Button Up Casual Shirts
07 SS T- Shirts W/O Print

03 Jeans
03 Khakis
03 Shorts
02 Dress Pants

Hows that or is it still too much? I mean Im trying to last 2 weeks, which means I would do laundry 2 times a month. Also I dont really care if I end up dressing better than some people because all that means is that it looks like I have more style. Also someone made a comment about me looking in place at night clubs in nice clothes and out of place in someones basement or backyard around a keg and just to clear that up I would be at the night club hands down. Anyways Im trying to decided how many shorts and regualrs tees I will need for when I go to the beach, which will be alot, considering I dont want to ruin my good clothes. Well Thanks
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Just out of curiosity. Are you currently naked? Have you lost all your existing clothes to a fire? Kidding, but seriously I wish you luck in your purchases, if that is how you decide to go, and I wish you luck in your non-purchases if that is the way you decide to go.

I wish you luck on your new adventure!!

Two pieces of college advice. 1- try to get on a schedule, go to the gym at teh same time every day, set aside a set amount of time for study, and wake up at the same time every morning. Trust me on this. 2- avoid any SERIOUS romantic entanglements until at least your fourth year... if then... you have plenty of time for that after college.
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Do you live in FL now? Are you in a major metro area? Not to beat a dead horse, but selection is everything, and if you are going to a bigger city you will likely be able to shop there. You can often find better deals and be sure that you don't look like the best-dressed small-town guy around.
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Thanks for the college advice thats a good idea. Anyways ummm, no right now I live in Alabama close to Birmingham, so thier are no "nice" clothes stores close to me. Also I wil be going to a college in lower Alabama, like Troy University or South Alabama which is lke 30 mins from the beach. Thats why I wil have to order my stuff off line. But see now all my clothes are XL to 2XL shirts and 38 pants at 260 lb that since Ive been excerising and eating right my goal is to get down to 180 and a Large and 34s. So thats why I wont new clothes and since I can get the money it wont put me in the poor house. I just need to know like how many of what I should get. Like is the list I posted about ok or should I have less? Also shouldnt I have different shirts for working out and going to the beach in so I dont ruin my good ones? Thanks
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Do you have time off before you start school? Plan a shopping trip to Atlanta to stock up during sale season... The numbers that you have should work fine. Good luck with continued weight loss!
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Yeah thats a good idea! Ill do that. Thanks
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How did mensimageconsultant overlook this?

The advice given is a good. Here a few specifics to add.

1) Buy a pair of casual linen (or linen-cotton) pants. It's tropical stylish.

2) Get a lightweight sweater, maybe of two-ply cashmere (on sale). It is a stylish alternative to a windbreaker. Also, make sure there is some fabric variety among your casual button-front shirts. (Polyester doesn't count.)

3) You should consider adding a casual blazer. For example, a tan cotton blazer.

4) At least one dress shirt in a bold color or patten is a good idea.

Options 3 and 4 are for "evening social," attire for situations such as trendy bars.
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Thanks mensimageconsultant I pmed you for some more advice. Anyone esle? Thanks
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By the way I was just curious to what a typical city wardrobe city would be for somewhere like San Francisco/Mami/New York/Seattle? For Regular Life, Exercising, Clubbing, Working (Interning). Like what would be like the overall basics for all year?
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Actually, with size L and 34, you're looking at about 160-170lbs. 180lb might still require bigger sizes.
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Oh, well ok. Thanks but I know with hard work and dedication I can get down to that. Anyways By the way I was just curious to what a typical city wardrobe city would be for somewhere like San Francisco/Mami/New York/Seattle? For Regular Life, Exercising, Clubbing, Working (Interning). Like what would be like the overall basics for all year?
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