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Low rise or High rise denim

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What do you guys prefer?

I prefer low rise because I think that high jeans lack comfort and do not look as good.

I can certainly undertand that high waists are an essential element to dress pants.

However, I don t like high rise jeans.
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No way low rise is more comfortable. Just because it's trendy and looks better does not mean it's more comfortable. I put up with it because I think it looks cooler. I definitely think jeans were made the right way the first time, to sit above your waist.
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Having put up with regular rise jeans all my life until I was in high school... yeah, I can assure you it's more comfortable. It also helps visually widen my long body, so I've stuck with them.
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I wear both. I find good examples of low and high rise jeans to be equally comofrtable after adaptation.

Some people's bodies would be better suited to wear higher rises to lengthen the leg line. This is one reason I find many Asians to look terrible in hip slung jeans.
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versus I prefer a regular (high) rise such as the 501, riding at the top of my hips or just above it. No way the low rise jeans are more comfortable, at least with my build, I always have to wear a belt with them or else they fall of my ass. With a normal rise and a good fit I don't need a belt since my hips are slightly bigger than my waist (I still wear one offcourse).
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i like "traditional" rise. im not gonna call it high rise because its not. low rise doesnt give me enough room, especially since i go comanndo 99% of the time, its either moose knuckle or my ass is out, and i dont like either. give me a 501 rise worn at the hips. in my opinion nothing is more comfortable or flattering. on women tho, low is good most of the time. higher rise can look good if they have the body for it, but most do not.
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I just bought my first pair of low-rise jeans, so we'll see how they go, but "˜high-rise' (which is really "˜sitting at the natural waist') is the traditional way of wearing jeans.

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I agree with the other posters, low rise is definitely less comfortable, and it's much more likely to show crack, which should go without saying, is very unattractive for a man. I think it looks better though, particularly if you're not wearing a shirt.
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It depends greatly on your body type, as well. I have relatively long legs (6' 1", 34 inch inseam), so if I'm going to tuck a shirt into my jeans, I really need to wear them low. Those with longer torsos are probably fine with a moderate rise worn higher. In the end, only the mirror is going to tell you what's right for you.
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Anywhere from 10.5" - 11" rise.
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