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Originally Posted by arced
Nice job! Quick question, how much do you think the color has shifted from the original color? It's hard to tell on a monitor. I ask because I'm interested in changing the color of mine, but don't want to constantly re-polish them or add color.
You're referring to the color change from "Point A" to "Point C" (out of the box, to un-antiqued), right? I'd definitely say they're darker, but I don't think I have the vocabulary to describe the difference in color.

The biggest difference (that makes the shoe much more striking, in my opinion) is that the lines of stitching that create the toe cap have become darker than they were. Other than that, though, I think the best way to do a subtle/selective antiquing (since I don't think I've mastered A Harris' method) is to just use light amounts of dark brown wax on the toe cap and let the cap darken over multiple shining sessions. It's also a relatively "safe" procedure--it's hard to mess that up.

...Hopefully that sort of answered your question.