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Conne's food log

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I've really just had enough. I need to drop 10 pounds minimum and I have been totally undisciplined about weight loss. In this threak I will post what I eat on a daily basis. Basically, I'm hoping that you guys help keep me honest by providing tips and scathing criticism (when necessary!). Upon looking in the mirror today, I realized I just didn't look right. I am back up to 169 lbs. (about 5'9") and it's obviously not a healthy weight. So yeah, here it goes. Starting weight: 169lbs. Food for 3/4/10 -3 eggs, scrambled, pepper and salt -1 slice multigrain toast w/unsalted peanut butter -Pack of Hostess chocolate donettes -Peanut butter and jelly w/ bag of Fritos (one of the "small" 99 cent bags) -Half of a tuna melt w/cheddar cheese -Five Guys french fries, regular size (I had about half of them) -Can of Wolfgang Puck chicken & wild rice soup
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Five Guys and Ding Dongs. If you eat like that every day, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why you're overweight. I like this idea though. My problem is I just eat too much, although I've substituted fruit and granola for what used to be chocolate and other junk foods. I just need to avoid my binge eating when I'm drunk or went too long without eating. Today I had: -2 pork tacos from a food cart (soft shell tacos, pork meat, onions, cilantro, pineapple and salsa) -Tomato and mozzarella salad (2 smallish tomatoes and about 4oz. of mozzarella, with olive oil, balsamic and basil) -About 1/2 cup of granola -A few pieces of cheese and mushroom tortelloni Damn, when I write that out, it's not very much. I'll eat an apple if I get hungry later.
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Hey this is my threak. But yeah writing it out has an effect. When I look at what I ate in the OP, it kind of hits home.
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Just cut out the Ding Dongs and Five Guys. And if you absolutely can't (i.e. your friend dragged you to Five Guys while you were already out), make up for a bit of it by running the stairs to your apartment and doing like 150 crunches and 50 pushups.
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It's so easy because on my way back from campus I pass a fucking gauntlet of fast food/junk food establishments. Resisting it is difficult. But I really am ready to do this.
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Originally Posted by Connemara View Post
Basically, I'm hoping that you guys help keep me honest by providing tips and scathing criticism (when necessary!)

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Originally Posted by leftover_salmon View Post
Just cut out the Ding Dongs and Five Guys.

But Conne burns so many calories with five guys' ding dongs!
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Any beverages? Coffee with sugar? Coke? Milk? Beer?
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Oh eyah, sorry. Usually one to two cups of black coffee in the morning. Some milk throughout the day, occasionally a glass of orange juice in the morning (I don't really drink stuff with sugar in it). With lunch, a Diet Coke. Maybe one more Diet Coke during the day. Some days I drink almost zero water and I realize that is probably a big part of my problem. High water intake keeps you satiated right?
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Work was slow the other day, so I was checking old threads in this folder and came across a similar thread by Conne from a year ago. Some things just don't change.

Your diet looks awful if that's any indication of what you consume on an average day. Cut the fast food, pre-packaged goodies and eat something from the produce section. Following those guidelines alone for a couple weeks will yield noticeable results.

My first sentence is something you should consider. You asked for weight-loss advice a year ago. You obviously didn't put much of that advice into action. I know it can be difficult to implement even a predominantly healthy diet and overall lifestyle. But you clearly weren't happy with your body then. And you still aren't. You punted 12 months that could've gone toward changing your eating and exercise habits because (it sounds like) you were too lazy to make those things a priority.
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Seriously dude, have a little pride in yourself and do what you need to do to get healthy. You don't have to eat perfect diet - just cut out the junk.

Get to the gym 3 times a week for strength training and start running 4-5 days per week. At your age you should be able to maintain a healthy weight easily.
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0.................. 0
V.................. ( )
^.................. ^
II.................. ii

Conne........... Conne
on diet........... now

I created this graphic illustration as a motivator for Conne. Get to work!
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if you really want to keep track use this browser app: it has most of any food (raw or by brand ect) in its database and you can put in exercise as well. its really intuitive (memorizes past entries for quick input). so that way you have a solid grasp on the calorie intake opposed to calories expended. its totally free too.
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How many of these threads have you made, Conne? I can recall 3 or 4. You do sort of a shit job motivating yourself, it seems. You should join a club sport or a crossfit group.
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Where's the protein?
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