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Over the Calf Socks...who's the best?

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Hey Friends:

In your opinion, from experience, who is the best over the calf sock producers. I have had some good fortune with Pantherella. Anyone try Falke? My Pantherellas started to wear out in the toe one year later. That's a lot of wear...

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I realize it is a different grade of sock, but for the OTC, I have success with Gold Toe.
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Here are my favorites....

Paul Stuart
Ben Silver
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I'm a big fan of Pantharella. Calzificio are pretty good too
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I have started wearing OTC socks from:
Dore Dore
Brooks Brothers.

I have not worn any label long enough to draw any conclusions. But, I think Brooks (the sized socks available only at 346) offer great value.

I also recently picked up a pair of JPress OTC socks, but have yet to try them out. They seem to be high quality.
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I wear only (just below the) knee-length socks ; it is a most egregious style faux pas to reveal an expanse of hairy leg .

Now , if you insist upon natural fibres - e.g. , cotton or wool (although I sometimes wear also linen or silk) - as do my Italian confreres , I don't think that you can do much better than Bresciani . I like them for several reasons , not least because they are discreetly patterned .

My problem is that I have over-developed calf muscles : many cotton and woolen socks do not stretch sufficiently (or they tear) for me to be able to wear them confidently (in the knowledge that they won't roll down) . So , I often resort to Ralph Lauren or Cole Haan , which contain a little nylon (or similar) , enabling the hose to stretch and hug the calves comfortably . The problem is , of course , that man-made fibres do not 'breathe' .

So , here's a secret I've discovered : WOLFORD . Yes , Wolford , the store in which , if you're lucky enough , your wife or girlfriend buys her hosiery . They carry a small selection of men's socks ; they're all solid colours , but they feel like the softest velvet and they're very hard-wearing . Yes , they're expensive , but they also stay put all day long and without cutting-off your circulation .
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