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Polo Shoes

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Does anyone own both the Polo Tellman Oxfords and Carlson Oxfords? If so, do they fit about the same? I bought a pair of the Carlsons recently in 8.5 and they are a bit snug. I am having them stretched today. I usually wear an 8.5 in dress shoes but am thinking about going up to a 9 in the Tellmans because of the tight fit in the Carlsons. Unfortunately, trying them on before I buy is not an option.

Thanks for your help.
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I usually wear a 9.5 in most dress shoes and wear a sz 9 tellman. I don't own the carlson.
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Where is the tightness? The Tellman is a rather elongated last. If its your little toe in the Carlson's, then I would stick with the 8.5 Tellmans.
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I can't speak for the Carlsons, but I own the Tellmans, and took a size 10... I measure a size 10 so I think these will fit pretty true to size.
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Carlsons are made in Italy and Tellmans I believe in England. Since they are made by 2 different companies I would presume the fit of one is not the same as the fit of the other.
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I own two pairs of the Carlsons (one black, the other brown and both purchased from Grapevinehill through eBay) in size eight.

I found they fit true to size after a couple of wearings and are now very comfortable.

Not to high-jack the thread, but does anyone know who makes the Italian Carlsons?


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I have the Tellmans in a 10. With the elongated last - I have room in the toe area, but they basically fit me well everywhere else.

For refernce I am a 10D in AEs and Aldens and a 9.5E (UK) on the single pair of C&Js i have (Westfields).
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