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Brown and black

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I wanted to get some opinions on something I go back and forth about. I occasionally wear dark brown, side-zip Kenneth Cole ankle boots with navy/navy pinstripe suits in the winter. That whole brown-navy thing I think works pretty well for an English-style change of pace. Anyway, I have a black cashmere calf-length overcoat that serves as my main business winter coat. So what do you think: does the black coat/brown shoe deal work for you? My wife loves it, a few friends hate it and, though I'm usually not wishy-washy about matters of style, I can't figure out if I like it or not. I've seen similar looks look good on some, and like shit on others. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
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Like you, I find myself wearing that look all the time. I love it. I think that the brown shoes give an air of elegance and formality to the entire look. The black jacket just makes the shoes stand out that much more. Your wife is right, a good look.
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Many of my friends say that coats don't matter and don't worry about matching them. I do try to match my overcoats and outerwear to my other articles of clothing. If you really wanted to match the shoes and the coat, you could just wear black shoes. They look great with navy. So either way, you're gonna end up alright my friend. -CWS
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I hate black with Navy and only wear it for when going out for evening events. I also went with a dark navy overcoat - works for everything except black tie (though I still use when it cold and I have to do BT)
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Holy Fuck. That was an 8 year bump?!
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