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Check out what the US Government is offering. I snatched up a couple loans for my second year of grad school at YOU ESS SEE in a heart beat. All I had to do was pay them back.
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drove today from ny to chicago - about 850 miles door to door in about 14 hours with breaks. no scenery to talk about. books on tape were very helpful.
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Originally Posted by Arethusa
Ah, thanks. At the very least, I can worry about that after I've found a place I'm going to live and a school nearby. Any idea what aid's like before getting residency? Do I just have to plan on waiting another year, or is it possible to get enough aid to cover a year of out of state tuition?
Hi, I am just finishing up my work at the community college here in San Mateo (about 15-20 miles south of san francisco). One of the guys I used to work with was not a CA resident, and he had all of his (immense) fees paid for by the government. The aid he received was called Board of Governer, or BOG. He was about $9000 in and they paid it all. BTW, the community colleges here are well regarded for the most part, in fact probably the most well regarded in the state. Foothill College is nearby you, as well as Canada College in Redwood City, College of San Mateo (CSM), and Skyline College in San Bruno. Further north is City College of San Francisco. I have taken classes at CSM, Canada, and Skyline, all of which have been excellent. It is also very easy to transfer to a UC from any of these schools. CSM boasts one of the highest transfer rates in the state. In fact, I am transferring to UC Davis in January on a TAA. The TAA is an agreement between the school and me saying that if I complete the 60 units specified on the agreement in the specified amount of time and maintain a 2.9 (or it might even be 2.8, I can't remember) GPA that I am guaranteed admission to UC Davis. Most of the other UC's have similar agreements, Davis is probably the most accessible school. If you are planning on studying engineering a TAA might not be available, and if it is the GPA will be 3.1 for all except for CSEE, which was 3.4 for a while, then moved back down to 3.1. I think it is very possible to live here and go to school. Just go to a bank, take out a loan, get a job, get BOG, find a place to live on and you are set to go. The Bay Area, while somewhat high strung, is a nice place to live with good weather year round, San Francisco if you like cities, pretty hillsides/coastlines if you like that sort of thing, etc. As far as the living situation, I think someone else has mentioned it already, but I will reiterate. The Palo Alto/Menlo Park/Los Altos/Atherton areas are not just a more expensive area to live in in CA, it is the most expensive place to live in the US. I am not speaking in jest, either, read this for more info: Anyway, good luck to you, I am sure you will be fine. Just learn to use the public transit, get a bike (and prepare to climb lots of hills where you are staying), and enjoy California.
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