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Trenchcoat help....

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where & how can i get a hold of a replacement belt for a classic burberry trenchcoat? also, if someone can direct me to one, would the belt have the d-rings onthe back, leather buckle on the front? any help on how to order one appreciated (have already checked, but no contact info listed other than store locations)
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Try to contact: Burberry Wholesale, Export and Administration Offices 29 Chatham Place London E 9 - (44) 20 8533 2421 They should be able to help you with buckle and D-rings. Whether a new belt would match your existing coat might be questionable. I presume the coat has served a few years and in the course of duty, has gone through a few showers and the occasional visit to the cleaners. That is likely to change the color. You could offer them to send an epaulette to find the closest match. I found that traditional manufacturers bend over backwards to help, while modern designers couldn't care less about customer support. Hope you will have good experiences with Burberry.
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A question from a brand new member: I see in this 4-year old post that The_Foxx was then looking for a replacement belt for a Burberry trench. I wonder, The_Foxx, did you ever succeed in getting one, and if so, can you please tell me how you did it? Does anyone else have experience getting replacement parts from Burberry? I know from long-past experience that they were once very gracious and helpful with the walk-in trade at the London store; but that is not an option for me at present. Regards and thank you for your time, wolfmanjack
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I have been looking for a Burberry belt as well for my biege wool coat.

I spoke to Burberry from the Regent Street store in London and they said that they stock belts for the traditional line of trenchcoats, so if that's what you are looking for, you can call them up. Unfortunately they don't stock replacement belts for my biege wool coat but they said I can call up customer service.

The lady I spoke to at the Burberry shop at Regent Street wasn't actually particularly helpful or friendly, but I hope that's the exception rather than the norm. The staff at the Burberry concession at Selfridges were very nice by comparison.
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