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dual core or not, core 2 is just wicked fast. and i don't see why you'd be paying a $600 premium for it. They're not that expensive.
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Originally Posted by new obsession
Why would a core duo be necessary, or worth the cost, to the 'average' computer user? I use my home laptop to download music, the occasional video, surf the web, and do work via citrix. My existing celeron, 20 gig, 256 meg has been working prefectly fine for that. I am upgrading because after three years the battery life is down to about 15 minutes, and I cannot buy new ones because gateway stopped making the 'puter. I can think of no reason to pay an extra $600 or whatever to buy a core duo.

Can anyone else? (Bear in mind that I have NEVER owned a video game system, and the last time I played a computer game solitare was all the rage.)

Basically because intel hasn't charged a premium for their core duo vs. pentium M, or P4 processors. They've just replaced those processors at their old price-points so you're not paying more for a Core Duo. For a thousand bucks, you can get a core duo based laptop. For 100-150 less you can get a Core Solo (which is just a core duo with only one functional core) or Pentium M base laptop, and probably a smaller hard drive too. And btw, they're not just faster, they're more efficient in terms of power consumption as well.

Intel did this because their p4 was being wasted by AMD (especially in the server space) and they wanted to get back on top fast, so they're phasing out the old cpus/platforms as quickly as they can manufacture the new chips and get them to ISVs.
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