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Hi all,

it's my quadruple case card and double case card from black tanned split leather...







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quite nice!
are you interested in make a tote bag biggrin.gif
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and more...







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is there a reason none of our leather-goods affiliates make vegetable tanned watch straps?
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Watch straps are a bit different from bags, wallets and such. Just like gloves, different tools and different, though similar, skills are needed.
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I think Hollows has made some nice watch straps. I've never been able to find any buckles that I like, and the only decent ones I've seen are the massive Panerai-style buckles.
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Can anyone weight in on the thickness of Unlucky's belts? Looks like he's got horsehide in 1/8" and cowhide in 1/4" thick. Leaning toward the cowhide because I'm not a huge fan of really grainy leather, but 1/4" seems REALLY thick for a belt unless I'm missing something. Any other options? Found these in the thread and believe they're what I'd expect from 1/4" cowhide:

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1/4" is very thick- about equivalent to 16oz. My preferred weight for belts is about 9-10oz, but many leathercrafters are using about 10-12oz.

On most sides of cowhide, they tend to be thicker at one end. You can see that the leather near the buckle is thinner than at the end of the belt.
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+1 zissou, 1/4" is a bit much.

While I don't produce belts for sale at this point, I use 9-10oz for my own.
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Excited to get my Unlucky wallet.  He emailed me this picture and is dropping it in the mail today.  Pretty cool to find a local guy with great quality.  He was really nice to work with as well which makes all the difference in the world.


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Here is a wallet I had made recently by Scott (Unlucky). It's made from Hermann Oak leather in natural veg tan. Leash is made from Kangaroo leather.



Interior is red dyed pig skin:



Belt is a 15oz Wicket and Craig skirting leather:


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Seeking advice from you experienced & knowledgeable leather guys.

Is this a defect that would fall into the "returnable" category? i purchased this belt at a reputable retailer (made by a reputable maker), it's veg tanned and dyed Latigo color. I'm sure both the retailer and maker would happily work with me, I just don't kow if it's a defect or character mark? I didn't notice the damage/imperfection (for lack of a better term) until I got it home and was applying a coat of conditioner.




I'm not concerned with the dark circle (pictured in 1st image above) but rather the imperfections along the lower edge. My gut is telling me to exchange it.


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It can't hurt to ask for an exchange if you aren't happy with it. It's a bit much of a blemish. If it was someplace not too visible, it wouldn't bother me. Otherwise, I might be a little bothered.
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anyone know who to hit up to commission a tri fold wallet??

checked some sites and galleries and only finding bill fold

looking to get one for my father in law
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