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Cummerbund and bowtie

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I am looking to buy a good cummerbund and bowtie set and am not sure what to look for as far as quality/construction goes. What is a good brand for under $300.
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Well I suppose there are various choices for under $300. For something versatile perhaps Armani, Canali, and any other of the Italian tier 1 or 2 brands should offer these items. Also Nordstroms, Saks, and other high end dept. stores should have their house brands. A more whimiscal take is probably Burberry. You could try eBay as I have seen Hermes cummerbunds go for quite low prices.
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You may also want to consider a vest instead of a cummerbund. Robert Talbot makes some nice silk formal vests. I like the clean look of a vest compared with a cummerbund anyway. Kai
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Kai, Do you have any recomendations for type of vest with Tuxedos? I've been experementing with my shawl collar tux and ended up buying one with a v-front and it does not quite work the way I envisoned. I've been thinking about trying the type of vest worn with tails but haven't gotten around to it. Personally, I find a cummerbund a bit too affected and I like having my braces under a vest and out of the way. BH
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I've been thinking about trying the type of vest worn with tails but haven't gotten around to it. Personally, I find a cummerbund a bit too affected and I like having my braces under a vest and out of the way.
If you mean a cotton pique vest with the little "wings" on it, I don't think I would go that route unless you were wearing tails. I'm not quite sure I understand your issues with the shawl collar and the vest. Is the vest front cut too low? Too high? Does the "V" of the vest clash with the softer lines of the shawl lapels? There are lots of nice vests out there. There has to be one that works. I have a white on white silk jacquard vest by Robert Talbott Protocol that I got at Nordstrom. Goes nicely with my Tux. Here are some examples: (just the vest, not the rest of the stuff) (Not many good pictures of their products on the Talbott site.) (again, lousy pictures. The pique formal vest in this picture is what I think you shouldn't get. The black satin example is more appropriate here) (not a bad price for this vest) Below is a picture (stolen from a different post regarding a 3 piece suit I'm having made) of various vest styles. Are you looking for one of these in particular? Perhaps the V-11 style would fit better with a shawl collar. I've got to believe that Talbott makes something in this style. If not, they offer a custom service (probably rather costly however.) I have to believe that any competent tailor could make you a vest, provided you could find the fabric you like. Kai
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Thank you for your reply, Kai. Yes, it's the contrast between the necklines that bothers me and I think that V11 would be the way to go. It does not help that my vest is far from top quality but was the best I could find in the local stores. I guess I now know what I should be looking for. B
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if you can still find them anywhere (even worth a phone call to england, in my opinion) Budd Shirtmakers carries sized black bowties in satin and grosgrain finishes (i got one of each thru a site online, which is no longer around). I think it really pays off, esp if you were ever to wear a wing-collar tuxedo shirt. Actually, if anyone has them in the USA, it would be the new Alan Flusser store in NYC.
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For everyone's information, the cummerbund is derived from the Hindi word kamarband which is the sash worn around the waist on some Indian garments. This is what original cummerbunds were: a long band of silk that is wrapped around the waist (not sure how many times) and then tucked into itself at the back.  Definitely more stylish than the buckle-with-adjusting-straps dealies so often rented out. In fact, there is no reason to get a rip-off version since I imagine a kamarband/'real' cummerbund would be easy to tailor.  Just a rectangle of cloth--you put the pleats in yourself when wrapping it. With this said, is the real cummerbund the norm with high-end clothiers?  (I'm afraid my only experience with black-tie attire was from a rental shop before I knew any better.)
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A few months ago, I purchased a Hickey Freeman cummerbund and bow tie--both of which are a combination of silk and grosgrain. I have never had such a fine bow tie--it ties a perfect knot every time. And, it does not "wilt". I have had Robert Talbott cummerbunds and bow ties, but the HF is the best. The HF cummerbund looks sharp. I do not recall how much the set cost, but it must have been in the $200 range. As for wearing a vest with a tuxedo coat, I'd be wary. If the fit of the coat does not allow for the vest, there might be a problem. I have seen some rather ill fitting vests matched with tuxedo coats. As someone else mentioned, leave the white vest for formal tails.
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