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Relatively soft padding. SLightly softer than some of my other Corneliani suits. Several people here bought these, they were on sale at Yoox a while before the crash. I am trying to remember more of the particulars but I am drawing a blank right now . The chest shape and "flow" is similar to other Corneliani suits I have, however. Definitely not boxy.

Found a pre-crash recovery thread;
This is the suit:

My feeling is that the Polo Blue Label suits, made by Corneliani, stay closer to their Italian heritage than the Purple Label suits made by St. Andrews. RLPL suits are inspired by the English silhouette, but they strike me as being more of an American fit (i.e. boxier).

I believe whoopee has had WW Chan turn out some nice suits imitating an English silhouette. Perhaps he can weigh in.